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Image: Organoids created from the bladder cancers of patients mimic the characteristics of each patient\'s tumor and may be used in the future to identify the best treatment for each patient (Photo courtesy of Columbia University Medical Center).

Bladder Cancer Organoids May Lead to Treatment Breakthrough

Cancer researchers have established a "bio-bank" of patient-derived organoid lines that recapitulates the histopathological and molecular diversity of human bladder cancer. More...
19 Apr 2018
Image: Genetically modified astrocytes (red) line the lesion border in the injured spinal cord. A new mouse study showed that triggering a gene inside astrocytes activated the star-shaped cells and may improve the brain’s ability to heal from a range of debilitating conditions, from stroke to concussions and spine injuries (Photo courtesy of Dr. Meifan Amy Chen, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center).

Critical Brain Cell Repair Gene Identified in Study

Repair of damaged brain cells depends on the process of astrogliosis, which has been shown to be regulated by the MAP3K13 (also known as leucine zipper-bearing kinase [LZK]) gene. More...
10 Apr 2018
Image: Antibodies against APOE (red) bind to amyloid plaques (blue) in brain tissue from people with Alzheimer\'s disease. Investigators have found that the antibody can sweep away the damaging plaques, at least in mice, which could lead to a therapy for the devastating disease (Photo courtesy of Monica Xiong, Washington University School of Medicine).

Antibody Clears Amyloid Plaques in Mouse Model

A team of Alzheimer's disease researchers working with a mouse model identified a specific antibody capable of binding to and mediating the removal of the amyloid plaques that characterize this catastrophic neurodegenerative disorder. More...
10 Apr 2018
Image: A micrograph showing an array of nanospears prior to release for delivery of genetic information to cells (Photo courtesy of UCLA).

Nanospear Technology Developed for Directed Gene Therapy

A novel delivery system for macromolecular compounds such as genes depends on nanoscale splinter-like structures that have been termed "nanopsears." More...
29 Mar 2018
Image: CasRx (magenta) targeting RNA in the nucleus of human cells (gray) (Photo courtesy of the Salk Institute for Biological Research).

Novel Gene-Editing Tool Specifically Modifies RNA

A team of genomics researchers has isolated and characterized a novel form of the CRISPR gene editing system that specifically targets RNA rather than DNA. More...
27 Mar 2018
Image: When injected into tumors, this therapy forms a gel to attack cancer cells (Photo courtesy of the Gu Laboratory, University of North Carolina).

Novel Hydrogel Slows Tumor Growth and Prevents Recurrence

A team of cancer researchers developed a novel hydrogel device designed to be injected at the site of a tumor, where it forms a scaffold for sequential release of chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic drugs. More...
06 Mar 2018
Image: The location of the FMR1 gene on the X chromosome (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Gene Editing Reverses Fragile X Syndrome in Model

A modified version of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing tool was used to correct the mutation that causes fragile X syndrome. More...
05 Mar 2018

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