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31 Oct 2018 - 02 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 - 07 Nov 2018


Image: A digitally colorized transmission electron microscopic (TEM) image of Zika virus. Virus particles, here colored blue, are 40 nanometers in diameter, with an outer envelope and an inner dense core (Photo courtesy of the CDC).

Genetically Engineered Zika Virus Slows Tumor Growth in Model

Injecting mice carrying human glioblastoma tumors with modified Zika virus was shown to significantly reduce intracerebral tumor growth and prolong animal survival. More...
11 Oct 2018
Image: Very high magnification micrograph showing ragged red fibers (also ragged red fibers), commonly abbreviated RRF, in a mitochondrial myopathy (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Genome Editing Used to Correct Mitochondrial Mutations

A recently developed mouse model, which mimics a cardiac mitochondrial disease, was used to demonstrate the potential use of genomic engineering to treat the disorder by eliminating the mutation that causes it. More...
08 Oct 2018
Image: T-cells (red) attacking melanoma cells (green). The neo-antigen-specific T- cells in this image are especially effective at killing cancer cells (Photo courtesy of the Weizmann Institute of Science).

Novel Approach Brings Personalized Melanoma Treatment Closer to Reality

A team of melanoma researchers used a novel "HLA peptidomics" method to identify and isolate cancer-specific neo-antigens, which could be used to train immune system cells for targeting and destruction of the tumor. More...
27 Sep 2018
Image: In a recent study, CRISPR gene editing was shown to halt the progression of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in dogs. The photomicrographs show dystrophin (in green) in a healthy diaphragm muscle (left), absence of dystrophin in a dog with DMD (center), and restoration of dystrophin in dogs treated with CRISPR (right) (Photo courtesy of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center).

Gene Editing Reverses DMD Muscle Damage in Model

The CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing tool was used in a proof-of-concept study conducted in dogs suggested that the technique could be clinically useful for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. More...
10 Sep 2018
Image: The role of miRNAs in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): miR-29 loaded on a supercarbonate apatite prevented the development of inflammation by suppressing the production of inflammatory cytokines (IL-6, TGF-beta, and IL-23) secreted from dendritic cells and by suppressing the differentiation of naive T-cells to Th17 cells (Photo courtesy of Osaka University).

Nucleic Acid Therapy Effective in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Model

A team of Japanese researchers working with a mouse model recently described a novel method for using microRNAs to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). More...
06 Sep 2018
Image: Gene therapy treated airway stem cells (Photo courtesy of Dr. Nigel Farrow, University of Adelaide).

Preconditioning Enhances Stem Cell Transplantation in CF Model

Disruption of the epithelial cell layer using the agent polidocanol was found to facilitate effective transplantation of cultured stem cells into nasal airways in a mouse model of cystic fibrosis. More...
15 Aug 2018
Image: Red blood cells can safely transport nanoscale drug carriers to chosen organs by targeted placement of intravascular catheters (Photo courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania).

RBC Transporters Used for Targeting Nanoparticle Drug Carriers

A novel, patent pending nanoparticle drug delivery system uses red blood cells to transport drug carriers directly to selected target organs with minimal exposure to other areas of the body. More...
14 Aug 2018

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