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11 Jun 2017 - 15 Jun 2017
19 Jun 2017 - 22 Jun 2017
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Lab Technologies

Image: Lipid nanoprobes (blue, green, and yellow colored) spontaneously insert themselves into lipid bilayer of three extracellular vesicles. The cargo content of extracellular vesicles includes proteins, DNA, and RNA. The lipid nanoprobe-labeled extracellular vesicles are captured onto the surface of a magnetic bead (black, bottom) through interaction with conjugated avidin molecules (red) (Photo courtesy of Xin Zou / Pennsylvania State University).

Lipid Nanoprobe Method Enables Rapid Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles

A novel method reduces the amount time required to isolate extracellular vesicles (EVs) from culture media or blood plasma from hours to 15 minutes and does not require bulky or expensive equipment. More...
25 Apr 2017
Image: High-resolution imaging with conventional confocal microscopes: by expanding brain tissue twice, researchers were able to obtain high-resolution images of neurons in the hippocampus (Photo courtesy of MIT).

High-Res Imaging Obtained with Conventional Microscopes

Researchers have developed a technique for obtaining high-resolution images of tissue samples with confocal microscopes, at a fraction of the cost of other techniques that offer similar resolution. This level of resolution allowed them to see, for example, proteins that cluster together in complex patterns at brain synapses. More...
24 Apr 2017
Image: A clinician using E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes (Photo courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific).

Cloud-Based App Enhances Performance of Pipette Line

A cloud-based Internet tool has been released that maximizes the usefulness of a new line of Bluetooth-enabled electronic pipettes. More...
07 Apr 2017
Image: A scanning-electron microscope (SEM) image of chemically-fixed HeLa cancer cells on the gold nanopyramid substrate. Following nanosecond laser pulses, the tips of the pyramids create tiny holes in the cell membranes, allowing molecular cargo to diffuse into the cells (Photo courtesy of Harvard University).

Heating Method Developed for Rapid Delivery of Macromolecules

A team of cancer researchers developed a precise and controlled mechanism that rapidly introduces molecules as large as proteins or nucleic acids into living cells. More...
04 Apr 2017
Image: Ultrafast electrophoretic microRNA extraction from a nucleic acids mixture using quartz nanopillars of 250-nanometer diameter arrayed inside a 100-nanommeter high nanoslit region (Photo courtesy of Dr. Noritada Kaji, Nagoya University).

Nanoscale Device Developed for Separation of NA Mixtures

A team of Japanese engineers has developed a nanoscale device for the rapid separation of microRNA (miRNA) from mixtures of miRNA, RNA, and DNA. More...
24 Mar 2017
Image: A hydraulic battery pumping fluid through a simple microchannel at a constant rate of 0.6 microliters per minute. Each snapshot is 12 minutes apart (Photo courtesy of the University of North Carolina).

Paper-Based Battery Powers Microfluidic Devices

A team of biomedical engineers has developed a novel type of "hydraulic battery" that uses inexpensive, minute paper pumps to power the movement of liquids, including biological fluids, through portable microfluidic diagnostic or analytical devices. More...
22 Mar 2017
Image: Heart cells growing in rectangular, box-like scaffold made with three-dimensional printing (Photo courtesy of the University of Alabama).

Regeneration of Heart Tissue Induced by Cardiac Stem Cells

Nanoscale three-dimensional printing was used to create a scaffold for the growth of cardiovascular tissue that could be transplanted into a damaged heart following a heart attack. More...
09 Feb 2017

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