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Image: Cardiac stem cells (magenta) decorated with platelet vesicles (brown) (Photo courtesy of North Carolina State University).

Coating Increases Clinical Utility of Cardiac Stem Cells

The effectiveness of cardiac stem cells for repairing heart disease damage is dramatically increased when the cells are covered with a coating of platelet adhesion molecules. More...
22 Jan 2018
Image: An illustration of TRAFFIC (Thread-Reinforced Alginate Fiber for Islets enCapsulation), a novel removable implant device for control of type I diabetes (Photo courtesy of Cornell University).

Removable Device Developed for Treatment of Type I Diabetes

A team of biomedical engineers has devised a novel technique for implantation and removal of living pancreatic beta cells in order to control insulin levels in patients with type I diabetes. More...
18 Jan 2018
Image: A micrograph of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (the most common type of pancreatic cancer) (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

MicroRNA Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Shows Promise in Model

A novel approach for treating pancreatic cancer is based on a nanocarrier transport system that delivers inhibitory microRNAs directly to the tumor site. More...
17 Jan 2018
Image: An artist illustration of nanoparticles coated with macrophage cell membranes (Photo courtesy of Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine Laboratory, University of California, San Diego).

Novel Macrophage Nanoparticles Created as Sepsis Treatment

A novel approach for treating sepsis is based on nanoparticles (so-called nanosponges) coated with cell membranes isolated from immune macrophages. More...
16 Jan 2018
Image: A slide culture of a Streptomyces species (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Drug Candidate Disrupts Mitochondrial Function in Melanoma Cells

The potential anticancer drug mensacarcin was shown to interfere with mitochondrial function while inducing apoptosis in melanoma cells. More...
15 Jan 2018
Image: A photomicrograph (magnification 10x) of a demyelinating MS-lesion (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Analysis of MS Astrocytes Reveals Decreased Cholesterol Synthesis Genes

By using a cell-specific and region-specific gene expression approach, neurodegenerative disease researchers discovered that a decrease in cholesterol synthesis gene expression in astrocytes was linked to impaired walking ability that characterizes multiple sclerosis (MS). More...
11 Jan 2018
Image: The illustration depicts glucose-responsive exendin-4 delivery via microneedle patch. At left, relatively lower glucose levels (turquoise) in blood induce a mild chemical reaction with the compounds in the patch, which is not sufficient to release exendin-4. At right, when blood glucose concentration rises, acidity in blood triggers rapid release of exendin-4 (pink) for blood glucose regulation. The result is a smart, long-acting and on-demand exendin-4 release (Photo courtesy of the Chen laboratory, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering).

Smart Release Skin Patch Corrects Type II Diabetes in Model

A novel approach for treating type II diabetes is based on microneedle-array patches that are loaded with dual mineralized protein/peptide particles that release the hormone exendin-4 in response to elevated blood sugar levels. More...
10 Jan 2018
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