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Image: Two types of progenitor cells from dissociated skin – epidermal (green) and dermal (red) – undergo a series of morphological transitions to form reconstituted skin (Photo courtesy of Mingxing Lei / Cheng-Ming Chuong Lab).

Molecular Manipulation Induces Skin Cells to Produce Hair

Working with mouse skin cells, researchers have generated hair-producing follicles from newborn and adult cells and traced the molecular pathways that control their development. More...
22 Aug 2017
Image: Photomicrographs of muscle cells from a patient with myotonic dystrophy type I, untreated (left) and treated with the RNA-targeting Cas9 system (right). The MBNL1 protein is in green, repetitive RNA in red and the cell\'s nucleus in blue (Photo courtesy of the University of California, San Diego).

Progress Reported in Development of Gene Editing Tool

Progress has been reported in the effort to develop a CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool to be used for modifying RNA rather than the usual target DNA. More...
21 Aug 2017
Image: A sequence of photomicrographs showing the development of embryos after co-injection of a gene-correcting enzyme and sperm from a donor with a genetic mutation known to cause hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (Photo courtesy of Oregon Health & Science University).

Gene Editing Used to Repair Mutations in Embryos

The CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool was used to correct a mutation in the DNA of a human embryo, and the problem of mosaicism was avoided by carrying out the gene editing step while the embryo was still a single-cell fertilized egg. More...
17 Aug 2017
Image: A photomicrograph of brain tumor section (Photo courtesy of the Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Portsmouth).

Interaction of Cell Surface Glycoproteins Drives Tumor Metastasis

Cancer researchers have shown how the interaction between two classes of cell surface glycoprotein molecules determines when a tumor will metastasize and release cells that migrate and generate secondary growths. More...
16 Aug 2017
Image: Folate as a yellow-orange crystalline powder (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Folate-Bound MicroRNAs Slow Tumor Progression in Models

A growth-inhibiting microRNA conjugated to molecules of folate reduced tumor size when delivered to mice with lung and breast cancer tumors that overexpressed the folate receptor. More...
15 Aug 2017
Image: Research shows normal cells help corral tumors (left) and when removed lead to expansion of cancers (Photo courtesy of Yale University).

Normal Skin Resists and Rejects Cancerous Growth

While examining the biological effects that emerge from interactions between cancerous cells and neighboring normal skin cells, cancer researchers demonstrated the ability of the skin to eliminate the mutant cells. More...
14 Aug 2017
Image: An electron microscopy image showing an antibody-secreting plasma cell generated using antigen- and CpG-coated nanoparticles (Photo courtesy of Sanjuan Nandin et al., 2017).

Novel In Vitro Method May Revolutionize Antibody Production

A novel method for boosting the ability of a vaccine to stimulate production of antibodies is based on the in vitro stimulation of B-cells with nanoparticles conjugated to both GpG and antigen. More...
10 Aug 2017
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