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Drug Discovery

Image: A lymph node with almost complete replacement by metastatic melanoma. The brown pigment is focal deposition of melanin (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Enzyme Pair Identified as Target for Melanoma Chemotherapy

A team of cancer researchers has identified a pair of enzymes that they say could serve as therapeutic targets whose inhibition would block the growth of metastatic melanoma. More...
07 Dec 2017
Image: Researchers developed nanoparticles that can target cancer stem cells (yellow), the rare cells within a tumor (blue) that can cause cancer to recur or spread (Photo courtesy of Dr. Dipanjan Pan, University of Illinois).

Use of Niclosamide to Deactivate Cancer Stem Cells

Nanoparticles designed to selectively deliver the drug niclosamide to cancer stem cells caused the cancer stem cells to lose their stem-like properties and rendered them less able to cause recurrence or metastasis. More...
06 Dec 2017
Image: Investigators have developed nanoparticles that can transport the CRISPR genome-editing system in vivo and specifically modify genes, eliminating the need to use viruses for delivery (Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Nanoparticle-Based System Developed for Delivery of CRISPR/Cas9

A novel nanoparticle transport system was used to deliver the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tool into liver cells of living mice, which caused silencing of a specific enzyme and significant lowering of cholesterol levels. More...
30 Nov 2017
Image: Cells treated with a chemical carcinogen show severe liver cancer development. In cells treated with the same dosage of a chemical carcinogen and given synthetic dsRNA treatment at the pre-cancer stage, tumor suppression occurred (Photo courtesy of the University of California, San Diego).

Synthetic RNA Blocks Tumor Formation in Cancer Model

A team of cancer researchers demonstrated that the synthetic double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid (pIC), could block the formation of liver tumors in a mouse model. More...
27 Nov 2017
Image: Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Chinese licorice) is the source of the neuroprotective compound liquiritigenin (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plant Extract Protects against PD

A team of Korean neurodegenerative disease researchers has identified a naturally occurring drug that prevents the death of dopamine-producing neurons that characterizes Parkinson's disease. More...
22 Nov 2017
Image: Investigators loaded light-activated nanoshells (gold and light blue) with the anticancer drug lapatinib (yellow) by encasing the drug in an envelope of albumin (blue). Light from a near-infrared laser (center) was used to remotely trigger the release of the drug (right) after the nanoshells were taken up by cancer cells (Photo courtesy of A. Goodman, Rice University).

Gold Nanoshells Safely Deliver Toxic Chemotherapeutic Drugs

A novel method for delivering toxic drugs to tumor cells relies on the use of light-activated gold nanoparticles, which are triggered remotely by laser light to release the drugs inside the cancer cells. More...
21 Nov 2017
Image: Tubular shaped polymersomes - plastic nanoparticles that can encapsulate drugs (Photo courtesy of the University of New South Wales).

Method Described for Producing Polymersomes of Different Shapes

A team of Australian chemists recently described a novel method for conveniently producing polymersomes of different shapes and properties. More...
15 Nov 2017
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The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.
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