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Drug Discovery

Image: Researchers are hoping to use nanotechnology to develop more targeted treatments for bacterial infections. In this illustration, an antimicrobial peptide is packaged in a silicon nanoparticle to target bacteria in the lung (Photo courtesy of Jose-Luis Olivares, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Nanoparticle Treatment Cures Bacterial Infection in Model

A novel approach for treating bacterial infections is based on the use of porous silicon nanoparticles to transport a combination of bactericidal peptides, which penetrate the cell membranes of Gram-negative bacteria and kill them with minimal unpleasant side effects. More...
24 Jul 2017
Image: Human heart muscle cells growing in the 3D tissue structure. The cells have been stained with fluorescent molecules to identify the nuclei (blue) and cardiac-specific protein (green) (Photo courtesy of IBN at A*STAR).

3D Heart Tissue Improves Drug Screening

Researchers have engineered a functional 3-dimensional cardiac tissue from human stem cells to better test the safety and efficacy of new drugs on the human heart. More...
13 Jul 2017
Image: Researchers have developed micro-cubes that can sponge up a hydrophobic anti-cancer drug and safely deliver it to cancer cells. Tissue culture tests show these tiny, porous cubes are more potent against liver cancer cells and less harmful to normal liver cells, compared to the drug alone (Photo courtesy of the University of Alabama).

Microscopic Cubes Safely Deliver Toxic Drugs to Cancer Cells

Microscopic hydrogel cubes have proven to be an effective system for the delivery of toxic chemotherapeutic agents to cancer cells growing in culture. More...
11 Jul 2017
Image: A transmission electron micrograph (TEM) image of Potato X virus (Photo courtesy of SPL).

Co-Administration Enhances Nanoparticle Immunotherapy

Cancer researchers found that virus-nanoparticle-based anticancer immunotherapy was more effective when the drug doxorubicin was administered simultaneously with the particles rather than using the particles as carriers of the drug. More...
10 Jul 2017
Image: Researchers have developed hybrid bacteriophage particles that could broaden the range of target bacteria (Photo courtesy of Tel Aviv University).

Novel Method Extends Range of Bacteriophage-based Applications

A team of Israeli molecular microbiologists developed a method for extending the host specificity of bacteriophage particles to enable them to transfer DNA into a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. More...
04 Jul 2017
Image: In autoimmune diseases, the immune system wrongly identifies its “enemy,” and produces antibodies that attack the patient’s own cells. One of these diseases, the anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome (APS), is still poorly understood, even though it can have serious consequences (Photo courtesy of the University of Geneva).

Reliable Test Sought for Anti-Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome

Using patient-derived antibodies, researchers have succeeded to identify a peptide motif in the protein B2GP1 recognized by antibodies characteristic of the autoimmune disease anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome (APLAS). This is enabling the researchers to develop a more accurate diagnostic assay for patients with this disease, and could also lead to better treatment options. More...
04 Jul 2017
Image: The medicinal shrub Carpolobia lutea (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

Medicinal Shrub Shows Potent Anti-Alzheimer's Disease Potential

Extracts from stem, leaves, and root of the African medicinal shrub Carpolobia lutea were found to possess inhibitors of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and antioxidants, which indicate potential for development as a treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other disorders characterized by a cholinergic deficit. More...
03 Jul 2017
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The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.
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