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Switch to Glycolysis Puts Cells on Road to Becoming Cancerous

Mutations that impair the function of the electron transport chain component cytochrome c oxidase induce cancerous changes in normal cells and make cancer cells more invasive.  More...
19 Jul 2015

New Diagnostic Tool on Horizon for Surgeons Treating Cancer Patients

Researchers have successfully developed a new tool that may enable surgeons to determine if a biopsy tissue is cancerous while their patients are still on the operating table, without routinely requiring microscope-based pathology analysis of the tissue.   More...
05 Jul 2015

Cabut Coordinates Metabolism and Clock in Response to Nutrient Sensing

Using a Drosophila fruit fly model to study sugar sensing, researchers have discovered that the transcription factor and developmental growth regulator, cabut, coordinates energy metabolism as well as the circadian clock in response to sugar sensing.  More...
01 Jun 2015
Image: Illustration of the 3D structure of antibody complexes for all four serotypes bound to the Dengue virus envelope protein (Image courtesy of Institut Pasteur).

Achilles Heel in Dengue Virus Discovered

Researchers have found new hope for a vaccine against dengue fever after discovering a vulnerable site on the surface of the Dengue virus that is targeted by the only broadly neutralizing human antibodies identified to date.   More...
26 Apr 2015
Image:  Model depiction of a novel cellular mechanism by which regulation of cryptochromes Cry1 and Cry2 enables coordination of a protective transcriptional response to DNA damage caused by genotoxic stress (Photo courtesy of the journal eLife, March 2015, Papp SJ, Huber AL, et al.).

Two Proteins Critical for Circadian Cycles Protect Cells from Mutations

Scientists have discovered that two proteins critical for maintaining healthy day-night cycles also have an unexpected role in DNA repair and protecting cells against genetic mutations that could lead to cancer and other diseases.   More...
17 Mar 2015

Neutrophil Subtypes Play Different Roles During Cancer Development

Evidence presented in a recent paper suggests that the role of neutrophils in tumor biology may need to be reconsidered. More...
01 Feb 2015

Possible New Target Found for Treating Brain Inflammation

Scientists have identified an enzyme that produces a class of inflammatory lipid molecules in the brain. Abnormally high levels of these molecules appear to cause a rare inherited eurodegenerative disorder, and that disorder now may be treatable if researchers can develop suitable drug candidates that suppress this enzyme.  More...
28 Jan 2015

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