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Drug Discovery

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Image: A small liquid plug in the bronchus was manipulated by air ventilation to deliver a drug into the most distant alveoli (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jinho Kim, Columbia University).

Mathematical Models Guide Microliter Doses of Drugs to Specific Pathological Sites in the Lungs

A recent paper described a novel technique for precise delivery of microliter quantities of drugs directly to selected pathological areas in the lungs. In order to treat lung diseases such as cystic... Read more

Lab Technologies

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Image: exoRNeasy Serum/Plasma Kits for efficient purification of RNA from exosomes and other extracellular vesicles in serum or plasma samples (Photo courtesy of QIAGEN).

Novel Spin Column-Based Kits for Standardized Extraction of Exosome RNA

A novel spin column-based method has been developed that provides a faster, more reliable means for the isolation of RNA from exosomes for research, delivering high-quality results with less labor-intensive... Read more


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MS Drug Deal to Net More Than USD 1 Billion

A pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland has purchased the remaining rights to the multiple sclerosis drug Ofatumumab, which will allow it to continue development of the compound for treating relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and similar autoimmune diseases. Novartis (Basel, Switzerland) recently announced... Read more


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