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Image: Fat tissue cells are enlarged and more loosely packed in mice lacking perforin-rich dendritic cells (left) compared with the fat tissue of regular mice (right). Inset: crown-like structures within the fat tissue (left, dark brown) are associated with increased inflammation (Photo courtesy of the Weizmann Institute of Science).

A Subset of Immune T-Cells Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome in Mouse Model

A subset of immune T-cells lacking the lytic protein perforin was found to be responsible for inducing the onset of metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood pressure, high levels of blood sugar and cholesterol)... Read more

Lab Technologies

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New Platform Detects MicroRNA Directly in Serum and Plasma

Biotech and other life science researchers will benefit from the introduction of a novel microRNA (miRNA) detection platform. MicroRNAs are a class of about 20 nucleotides-long RNA fragments that block gene expression by attaching to molecules of messenger RNA (mRNA) in a fashion that prevents them from transmitting... Read more


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American-British Cooperation to Establish New Drug Discovery Company

An American biotechnology venture capital company is providing initial funding for the establishment of a drug development firm that will operate in the framework of a prestigious British research institution. The venture capital company Research Corporation Technologies (Tucson, AZ, USA) is providing Series A funding... Read more
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