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Defective Cell Extrusion May Lead to Formation of Tumors in Pancreas, Lungs, or Colon

The disruption of normal S1P2 (sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 2) receptor activity in epithelial cells prevents the pro-apoptotic extrusion of cells from overcrowded tissue and leads to the formation of cancerous growths in the pancreas, lung, and colon. When epithelial tissues become too crowded, some cells are extruded... Read more


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Possible New Target Found for Treating Brain Inflammation

Scientists have identified an enzyme that produces a class of inflammatory lipid molecules in the brain. Abnormally high levels of these molecules appear to cause a rare inherited eurodegenerative disorder, and that disorder now may be treatable if researchers can develop suitable drug candidates that suppress this enzyme.... Read more

Lab Technologies

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Sheffield NHS Lab Moves to Advanced Micorarrays Platform

A case study discusses Sheffield laboratory’s experience of switching to a more efficient and reliable microarrays platform for cytogenetic research. Advances in array design and analysis capabilities mean that choosing a platform can be challenging. A new case study by Oxford Gene Technology (OGT; Oxfordshire, UK)... Read more


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Strategic Alliance Will Promote Genetics Discovery Research

A major representative of the biotech industry will be collaborating with one of the United States' premiere research institutions in a 30 million USD strategic alliance to conduct genetics discovery research on the underlying causes of disease and to identify new treatment approaches. The collaboration will enable the... Read more
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