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Image: A new finding goes against dogma, showing for the first time that the building blocks of a protein, called amino acids, can be assembled by another protein, and without genetic instructions. The Rqc2 protein (yellow) binds tRNAs (dark blue, teal), which add amino acids (bright spot in middle) to a partially made protein (green). The complex binds the ribosome (white) (Photo courtesy of Janet Iwasa, PhD, University of Utah).

Challenging Classic Science Principles, New Research Finds New Role for Proteins

A new study revealed for the first time that the essential components of a protein, called amino acids, can be assembled without blueprints—DNA and an intermediate template called messenger RNA (mRNA).... Read more


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Blocking Enzyme Switch Turns Off Tumor Growth in T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Researchers recently reported that blocking the action of an enzyme “switch” needed to activate tumor growth is emerging as a practical strategy for treating T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. An estimated 25% of the 500 US adolescents and young adults diagnosed yearly with this aggressive disease fail to respond to... Read more

Lab Technologies

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Genome Editing Application Has Potential in Modifying Human Stem Cells

A unique genome editing tool known as CRISPR has been used by researchers for several years to fit, replace, disrupt, or add to sequences of an organism’s DNA. Now, scientists have shown that the system also precisely and effectively changes human stem cells, which could become a new advance in the use of stem cells for... Read more


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United Kingdom to Build a New Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Center

The United Kingdom (UK) Cell Therapy Catapult (Guy's Hospital; Great Maze Pond, London, UK) plans to build the new GBP 55-million Cell Therapy manufacturing center in the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst campus (Stevenage, UK). Cell therapy and gene therapy use a patient's own cells to fight or prevent diseases such as... Read more
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