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25 May 2016 - 27 May 2016
06 Jun 2016 - 09 Jun 2016
22 Jun 2016 - 24 Jun 2016

In Other News



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Image: A photomicrograph of human brain tumor stem cells expressing the OSMR gene (green) (Photo courtesy of Dr. Arezu Jahani-Asl, McGill University).

Gene Pair Acts in Tandem to Drive Aggressive Brain Cancer Growth

A pair of genes has been identified that work in tandem to drive the growth and development of the glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) type of aggressive brain tumor. This form of brain cancer is the most... Read more

Drug Discovery

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Experimental Small-Molecule Anticancer Drug Blocks RAS-binding Domains

The experimental small-molecule anticancer drug rigosertib was shown to block tumor growth by acting as an RAS-mimetic and interacting with the RAS binding domains of RAF kinases, resulting in their inability to bind to RAS, which inhibited the RAS-RAF-MEK pathway. Oncogenic activation of RAS genes due to point mutations... Read more


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Image: A space-filling model of the anticonvulsant drug carbamazepine (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Wastewater May Contaminate Crops with Potentially Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

Reclaimed wastewater used to irrigate crops is contaminated with pharmaceutical residues that can be detected in the urine of those who consumed such produce. Investigators at the Hebrew University... Read more

Lab Technologies

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Huge Modifiable Biomedical Database to Be Available on the Wikidata Site

Genome researchers are exploiting the power of the open Internet community Wikipedia database to create a comprehensive resource for geneticists, molecular biologists, and other interested life scientists. While efficiency in generating scientific data improves almost daily, applying meaningful relationships between... Read more


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Drug Company Buyout to Boost Development of Liver Disease Drugs

A strategic buyout will broaden the role of an American pharmaceutical research and manufacturing company in the area of liver diseases.       The biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences (Foster City, CA, USA) has announced the purchase of Nimbus Apollo Inc., a subsidiary of Nimbus Therapeutics LLC... Read more
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