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Image: This beta cell that has non-functioning autophagy shows increased oxidative damage (stained in red) in the pancreatic islets (shown in white) (Photo courtesy of UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles).

Defective Autophagy Triggers Type II Diabetes in Mouse Model

A defect in the cellular cleansing process known as autophagy in individuals with type II diabetes causes the build-up of toxic beta-cell amyloid polypeptide (IAPP or amylin), a scenario similar to the... Read more

Drug Discovery

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Naturally Derived Plant Compounds Protect Skin during Cancer Radiotherapy

Plant-derived natural compounds may provide protection to the skin from the damaging effects of gamma radiation during cancer radiotherapy, according to new research. Radiotherapy for cancer involves exposing the patient or their tumor more directly to ionizing radiation, such as X-rays or gamma rays. The radiation irreparably... Read more


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Image: This type of electronic pacemaker could become obsolete if induction of biological pacemaker cells by gene therapy proves successful (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Gene Therapy Induces Functional Pacemaker Cells in Pig Heart Failure Model

Cardiovascular disease researchers working with a porcine heart failure model have demonstrated the practicality of using gene therapy to replace implanted electronic pacemakers to regulate heartbeat.... Read more

Lab Technologies

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Image: Techniques known as dimensionality reduction can help find patterns in the recorded activity of thousands of neurons. Instead of look at all responses at once, these methods find a smaller set of dimensions, in this case, three, that capture as much structure in the data as possible. Each trace in these graphics represents the activity of the whole brain during a single presentation of a moving stimulus, and different versions of the analysis capture structure related either to the passage of time (left) or the direction of the motion (right). The raw data are the same in both cases, but the analyses found different patterns (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Freeman, Nikita Vladimirov, Takashi Kawashima, Yu Mu, Nicholas).

Tool Library Application Helps Neuroscientists Interpret Big Data

New technologies for tracking brain activity are generating extraordinary quantities of information. This data may contain new clues into how the brain works, but only if researchers can interpret it.... Read more


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A Surge in IPOs Revitalize Investments for the Global Pharma and Biotech

Anti-infective drugs, oncology, and pharmaceutical contract laboratories attract the most investment up to now. The intensified private equity and venture capital (PEVC) deal activity in the global healthcare industry during the recession years, 2008–2010, witnessed a waning post-2010. However, the decline in deals... Read more
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