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Heart Cells Injected with Gene Become Biologic Pacemakers

Scientists have engineered ordinary heart cells to become exact duplicates of highly specialized pacemaker cells by injecting a single gene called Tbx18. More...
09 Jan 2013

New Strategy Could Thwart Periodontal Disease Progress

A new study suggests that blocking a specific molecular receptor on white blood cells could prevent periodontitis from developing, as well as halting the progression of the disease once it has already developed. More...
02 Jan 2013

Aged Cells Retain Capacity for Rejuvenation via Enhanced Extracellular Support

Researchers have found that aged human skin fibroblasts retain their capacity for a high degree of reactivation and that this capacity can be significantly restored simply by enhancing the aged extracellular structural support. More...
19 Dec 2012

Leukemia Patients Receiving Engineered T-Cell Therapy Remain in Remission

Researchers report on the first successful and sustained demonstration of clinical use of gene transfer therapy with human T-cells programmed to specifically target cancerous tumors. More...
18 Dec 2012

Largest Clinical Trials Database of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Created to Find a Cure

The largest open access amyotrophic lateral sclerosis clinical trial database has been created to accelerate the cure for the disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. More...
10 Dec 2012

Infrared Light Causes Organic Nanoparticles to Heat Up and Cook Cancer Cells

Novel organic nanoparticles that generate heat when exposed to infrared light effectively killed colorectal cancer cells in a cell-culture model system. More...
06 Dec 2012

Brain Cancer Patient’s Own Immune Cells May Suppress Viral Therapy

Clinical trials have demonstrated that cancer-killing therapeutic viruses are safe but less effective than once thought. More...
03 Dec 2012

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