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Researchers Develop New Tool That Reads Live Brain Activity

Scientists have developed a system for observing real-time mammalian brain activity, providing a valuable new tool for studying basic brain processes and neurological medical problems and treatments. More...
06 Mar 2013

Newly Developed Compound Protects Heart Cells During and After Infarction

Using two recently developed diverse compounds, scientists have been able to show in animal models that suppressing a specific enzyme protects heart cells and neighboring tissue against the debilitating injury incurred by heart attacks. More...
18 Feb 2013

Molecular Switch Stops Aggressive Breast Cancer Metastasis

Scientists have found the molecular switch that allows aggressive triple-negative breast cancer cells to grow the amoeba-like protuberances they need to slither away from a primary tumor and spread throughout the body. More...
28 Jan 2013

Treating Obesity-Related Diseases with Parasitic Worms

New research has revealed that many parasitic worms, once inside a host, secrete a sugar-based anti-inflammatory molecule that might help treat metabolic disorders linked with obesity. More...
21 Jan 2013

Heart Cells Injected with Gene Become Biologic Pacemakers

Scientists have engineered ordinary heart cells to become exact duplicates of highly specialized pacemaker cells by injecting a single gene called Tbx18. More...
09 Jan 2013

New Strategy Could Thwart Periodontal Disease Progress

A new study suggests that blocking a specific molecular receptor on white blood cells could prevent periodontitis from developing, as well as halting the progression of the disease once it has already developed. More...
02 Jan 2013

Aged Cells Retain Capacity for Rejuvenation via Enhanced Extracellular Support

Researchers have found that aged human skin fibroblasts retain their capacity for a high degree of reactivation and that this capacity can be significantly restored simply by enhancing the aged extracellular structural support. More...
19 Dec 2012

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