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Vaccine Being Developed for Heart Disease Close to Reality

The world’s first vaccine for heart disease is becoming a possibility with researchers demonstrating significant arterial plaque reduction in concept testing in mice.  More...
08 Jul 2014

Dose of 100-Year-Old Drug for Sleeping Sickness Reverses Autism-Like Symptoms in Lab Mice

By exploring a unique hypothesis that suggests autism is a result of faulty cell communication, researchers revealed that a nearly 100-year-old drug approved for treating sleeping sickness has been found to restore normal cellular signaling in a mouse model of autism.  More...
23 Jun 2014

Low Dose of Targeted Agent May Enhance Cancer-Destroying Virus Treatment

Administering low doses of the targeted agent bortezomib with a cancer-killing virus has the potential of enhancing the effectiveness of the virus as treatment for cancer with little added toxicity.   More...
22 Jun 2014
Image: Schematic flow chart of the effects of prolonged fasting on the immune system (Photo courtesy of USC).

Prolonged Fasting Promotes Immune System Regeneration

A new study suggest that prolonged cycles of fasting trigger stem-cell based regeneration of immune cells and the clearing out of old, damaged cells.  More...
17 Jun 2014

“Nanodaisies” Designed to Transport Drug Cocktail to Cancer Cells

The researchers are from the joint biomedical engineering program at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   More...
09 Jun 2014

RNA Interference Mechanism May Be Used to Treat Cancer

RNA carried by new nanoparticles can silence genes in many organs, and researchers believe that it could be utilized to treat cancer.  More...
27 May 2014
Image: Figure A shows the location and angle of the coronary calcium scan image. Figure B is a coronary calcium scan image showing calcifications in a coronary artery (Photo courtesy of the [US] National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute).

Aspirin Use for Heart Disease Prevention May Benefit Those with Coronary Artery Calcium Deposits

A recent study found that taking aspirin to prevent heart disease benefits individuals with high coronary artery calcium scores but can actually cause damage from bleeding in individuals with low levels of coronary artery calcium.  More...
21 May 2014

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