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Murine Study Demonstrates Protection Against Allergen-Mediated Airway Pathology

A new study reveals that exposure to dog-associated household dust results in protection against airway allergen challenges by causing changes in gut microbes.  More...
06 Jan 2014
Image: Microscope images of the worm-like, rod-like, micelle- and vesicle-shaped nanoparticles (Photo courtesy of University of New South Wales, Australia).

Worm-Like Nanoparticles Used to Kill Breast Cancer Cells

Cylinder-shaped nanoparticles have been shown to be seven times more lethal than traditional spherical ones when delivering drugs to breast cancer cells, an international team of researchers has discovered.   More...
26 Dec 2013

Tumor Growth Blocked in Mice by Suppressing Antioxidants in Cancer Cells

Superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) is overproduced in lung adenocarcinomas and has been implicated as a target for chemotherapy.  More...
11 Dec 2013
Image: AAV vectors are delivered through the coronary arteries of the failing heart delivering SUMO1, which in turns enhances the activity of SERCA2a (Photo courtesy of Mount Sinai Hospital).

Novel Gene Therapy Works to Reverse Heart Failure

Researchers have effectively evaluated a powerful gene therapy, delivered directly into the heart, designed to reverse heart failure in large animal models.   More...
26 Nov 2013

New Lab Technology Will Boost Cell Therapy Applications

A newly released family of cell culture systems was designed specifically to support and advance the growing field of cell therapy.  More...
25 Nov 2013

First-in-Class Masked Antibody Therapeutic Effective in Fighting Pancreatic Tumor Models

A masked antibody therapeutic has been shown to be effective in fighting pancreatic cancer models as both a single agent and in combination with gemcitabine. More...
13 Nov 2013

Nanocarrier Designed to Target Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells

A novel nanostructure can, because of its dual-surface structure, serve as an improved “all-in-one tool” in the fight against cancer.    More...
13 Nov 2013

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