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Image: This photomicrograph depicts airway epithelial cells from lung tissue of a COPD patient. The cell nuclei have been stained to reveal IL-33, a type of signaling molecule found at high levels in COPD patients. New research shows that viral infection can induce these cells to proliferate. Release of IL-33 from these cells promotes inflammatory mucus production. These findings provide insight into the mechanisms linking acute infection to chronic inflammatory lung disease (Photo courtesy of Holtzman Lab, Washington University School of Medicine).

Cytokines Induced by Exposure to Airborne Pollutants Drive the Transition from Acute to Chronic Lung Infections

Molecular signaling molecules that link acute viral infections with the development of chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have been identified in a mouse model and in human patient samples. More...
28 Aug 2013

Brains Cells May Regenerate After Radiotherapy

Research suggests that neural stem cells are resistant to radiation, and can be woken up to reproduce and generate new cells able to migrate, replace damaged cells, and possibly restore lost function. More...
28 Aug 2013

Flavonoids Kill Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Flavonoids in celery, artichokes, and especially Mexican oregano contain flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cancer cells by enzymatic inhibition, according to a new study. More...
26 Aug 2013

Protein Family May Help in Cancer Therapy

British researchers have discovered the key role played by a group of proteins in the process of mitosis. More...
19 Aug 2013

Curbing Sugar Intake May Slash Risk of Cancer or Progression in the Diabetic and Obese

By blocking dietary sugar and its activity in tumor cells, investigators believe that people may be able to reduce their cancer risk and progression. More...
14 Aug 2013

Suppressing HIV Infection with Soybean Compound

A compound found in soybeans may become an effective HIV treatment, which could eliminate the drug resistance problems faced by current therapies, according to new research. More...
14 Aug 2013
Image: A kit used to collect exhaled breath for metabolic analysis in a study of methylmalonic academia (MMA) (Photo courtesy of Maggie Bartlett, NHGRI; NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD, USA).

Therapy Developed That May Inhibit Kidney Disorder by Differentiating Disease Processes and Biomarkers

A group of investigators has overcome a major biologic obstacle in an effort to find enhanced treatments for patients with a rare disease called methylmalonic acidemia. More...
06 Aug 2013

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