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Suppressing HIV Infection with Soybean Compound

A compound found in soybeans may become an effective HIV treatment, which could eliminate the drug resistance problems faced by current therapies, according to new research. More...
14 Aug 2013
Image: A kit used to collect exhaled breath for metabolic analysis in a study of methylmalonic academia (MMA) (Photo courtesy of Maggie Bartlett, NHGRI; NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD, USA).

Therapy Developed That May Inhibit Kidney Disorder by Differentiating Disease Processes and Biomarkers

A group of investigators has overcome a major biologic obstacle in an effort to find enhanced treatments for patients with a rare disease called methylmalonic acidemia. More...
06 Aug 2013

Converting Blood Cells into Therapeutic Approaches for Autoimmune Disease

Cells from one individual’s blood could be transformed into autoimmune diseases therapy, disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease. More...
31 Jul 2013

Aspirin May Fight Cancer by Suppressing DNA Damage

Aspirin is known to lower risk for some cancers, and a new study points to a possible reason with the finding that aspirin inhibits the accumulation of DNA mutations in abnormal cells in at least one precancerous disorder. More...
01 Jul 2013

Protein Block Stops Vascular Damage in Diabetes

A new study demonstrates that the inhibition of a protein activated when blood sugar is raised suppresses accelerated atherosclerosis in diabetic mice. More...
24 Jun 2013
Image: Mammary epithelial cells that have undergone an epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) exhibit a change in cell morphology with actin stress fibers (red) and with focused cell adhesion points (green) (Photo courtesy of Dr. Nathalie Meyer-Schaller, University of Basel).

Transcription Factor Found to Be Master Regulator in Cancer Metastasis

A specific master regulator gene plays a key role in metastasis: a transcription factor called Sox4 triggers a sequence of genes and triggers the process. More...
20 Jun 2013

Silencing a Specific Set of Neurons Prevents Itching Not Controllable by Antihistamine Treatment

Itching in response to release of histamine is modulated by a set of neurons that is functionally distinct from that modulating itching not related to histamine, and these two sets of neurons can be selectively targeted and silenced. More...
17 Jun 2013

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