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Image: Breast cancer cell. Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive disease with few therapeutic options. Patients with such tumors can be treated only with chemotherapy (Photo courtesy of the National Cancer Institute).

Engineered Virus Designed to Fight Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Scientists have found a possible cure for one of the most deadly, aggressive, and least treatable forms of breast cancer called triple-negative breast cancer.   More...
11 Feb 2014

Study Initiated to Fight Metastatic Breast Cancer with Innovative Nanoparticles

A grant has been given to an American pharmacy professor to further research a new class of inorganic nanoparticles that target primary cancer, and help control the disease’s metastases and recurrence. More...
10 Feb 2014
Image: Virus-infected cells after treatment with Vecoy nanoparticles (indicated by arrows) (Photo courtesy of Vecoy Nanomedicines).

Nanoparticle Traps Represent a Radical New Method for Treating Viral Infections

An Israeli biotechnology start-up company is researching a radically different approach to the problem of preventing and curing viral infections.  More...
20 Jan 2014

Stimulating Brain Cells Using Optogenetics Stops Binge Drinking

Researchers are using a new strategy to change alcohol-drinking behavior in lab rats, using new optogenetic technology that uses light to stimulate neurons.  More...
20 Jan 2014

New Data for Engineering Immune Cells Shows Promise in Antitumor Therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor T cells, which are engineered immune cells, have been designed to direct antitumor immune responses toward tumors that carry a protein called mesothelin.  More...
14 Jan 2014

Diet Rich in Tomatoes May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

A diet rich in tomatoes may help protect at-risk postmenopausal women from breast cancer, according to new research. Moreover, fruits were found to raise levels of hormone involved in regulating blood sugar and fat.  More...
08 Jan 2014

Murine Study Demonstrates Protection Against Allergen-Mediated Airway Pathology

A new study reveals that exposure to dog-associated household dust results in protection against airway allergen challenges by causing changes in gut microbes.  More...
06 Jan 2014

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