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Image: A microscopic image of glioblastoma cells growing along the fibers of the 3D scaffold (Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy of Dr. Andrew Wan laboratory, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Singapore).

Key Finding May Lead to Improved Treatment of Aggressive Brain Cancers

Researchers have shown an essential role for the cell microenvironment in the growth of glioblastoma brain cancer cells, a discovery that could lead to a breakthrough in fighting such deadly cancers.  More...
20 Jan 2016

A Bacterial Lifestyle Switch Provides Antibiotic Resistance

Researchers have reported for the first time that following contact with certain antibiotics the pathogenic Bacillus cereus can switch into a special slowed-down mode and form small colony variants that are difficult to diagnose and almost impossible to treat with certain antibiotics.  More...
06 Jan 2016

When Exercise Is Unhealthy: Study Sheds New Light on Sudden Cardiac Death

Researchers have discovered new aspects, involving a mutated protein, of a not-well-understood mechanism that underlies how sudden heart failure can occur during endurance exercise in patients with arrhythmogenic ventricular cardiomyopathy, which currently has no standardized guidelines for exercise management.  More...
06 Dec 2015
Image: A partially completed three-dimensional printed airway from nostril to trachea with fine structure of the nasal cavity showing (Photo courtesy of Dr. Rui Ni, Pennsylvania State University).

The Structure of the Nasal Cavity Channels Food Smells into the Nose and Avoids the Lungs

Three-dimensional printing technology was used to create a model of the nasal cavity that enabled researchers to demonstrate why the smell of food goes into the nose rather than down into the lungs.  More...
30 Nov 2015

Molecular Light Shed on “Dark” Cellular Receptors

Scientists have created a new research tool to help find homes for orphan cell-surface receptors, toward better understanding of cell signaling, developing new therapeutics, and determining causes of drug side-effects.  More...
24 Nov 2015

Wide-Range, Automated Dabigatran Assay Launched

A new assay kit for dabigatran measurement in blood plasma provides automation, higher specificity, and broader working range.  More...
18 Nov 2015

Selective Ribosome-Targeting Drug with Low Ototoxicity Could Provide Safer Treatment Option for Leishmaniasis

In a multidisciplinary biological study, researchers have shed new light on the mechanism of action of a potent drug for leishmaniasis, the natural aminoglycoside paromomycin, and have found that a new synthetic derivative of PAR may provide a far lower risk of irreversible hearing loss side-effects, probably via its more selective targeting of cytosolic (vs. mitochondrial) ribosomes.  More...
02 Sep 2015

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