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Defective Viral Genomes Stimulate the Anti-RSV Immune Response

Defective Viral Genomes Stimulate the Anti-RSV Immune Response

During replication in its human host respiratory syncytial virus generates large numbers of defective genomes, which have been found to stimulate the host's immune system to fight off the viral infection.  More...
23 Sep 2015
Image: Raw silk from domesticated silk worms, showing its natural shine (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Silk-Based "Bioinks" for 3-D Printing of Tissues and Organs

A team of biomedical engineers has developed silk-based "bioinks" that do not require harsh chemical or heat curing and show promise for three-dimensional printing of biofunctional structures such as tissues or organs.  More...
23 Sep 2015
Image: A four milliliter sample of hyperlipidemic blood with lipids separated into the top fraction (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Blocking Phosphatidylcholine Synthesis Lowers Levels of Circulating Lipids in Mouse Hyperlipidemia Model

Cardiovascular disease researchers seeking new ways to treat hyperlipidemia found that inhibition of the gene encoding a protein required for biosynthesis of phosphatidylcholine, a major cell membrane component, in a mouse model resulted in decreased levels of lipids in circulation.   More...
21 Sep 2015

Novel Spin Column-Based Kits for Standardized Extraction of Exosome RNA

A novel spin column-based method has been developed that provides a faster, more reliable means for the isolation of RNA from exosomes for research, delivering high-quality results with less labor-intensive sample preparation.  More...
21 Sep 2015
Image: Without angiogenesis a tumor cannot grow beyond a limited size (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Blocking the MicroRNA That Controls Angiogenesis Slows Breast Tumor Growth in a Diabetic Mouse Model

A team of molecular biologists demonstrated that it was possible to inhibit growth of breast tumors in a diabetic mouse model by injecting the animals with an antagonist of the microRNA that controls the process of angiogenesis.  More...
20 Sep 2015
Image: The \"Japonica Array\" contains 659,253 SNPs, including tag SNPs for imputation, SNPs of Y chromosome and mitochondria, and SNPs related to previously reported genome-wide association studies and pharmacogenomics (Photo courtesy of Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization).

Custom-Designed SNP Array Facilitates Japanese Genomic Studies

Japanese genomic researchers have created a single nucleotide polymorphism array optimized for studies on the Japanese population.  More...
16 Sep 2015
Image: The Brazilian social wasp Polybia paulista is the source of the Polybia-MP1 anticancer peptide (Photo courtesy of Dr. Mario Palma, Sao Paulo State University).

Toxic Peptide from Wasp Venom Targets Cancer Cell Membrane Phospholipids

A toxic peptide component of the venom produced by a South American wasp effectively destroys some types of cancer cells through interactions with groups of phospholipids that are distributed abnormally on their cell membranes.  More...
15 Sep 2015

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