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RNAi Therapy Reduces Huntington's Disease Symptoms in Mouse Model

A research team used advanced gene therapy techniques to block the production of huntingtin, the toxic protein found in the brains of patients suffering from the fatal, inherited neurodegenerative disorder, Huntington's disease.   More...
01 Jun 2014

European Bioinformatics Sector Expected to Surge

An intra-European purchase agreement will boost the bioinformatics field by combining an exhaustive genomics data base with a highly intuitive software suite.   More...
01 Jun 2014
Image: The series of images shows how inserting modified RNA into diseased cells causes the cells to produce functioning versions of the TAZ protein (from left, green), which correctly localize in the mitochondria (red). When the images are merged to demonstrate this localization, green overlaps with red, giving the third image a yellow color around its edges (Photo courtesy of Harvard University).

Barth Syndrome Stem Cells Reveal Details of a Rare Heart Defect

Skin cells taken from Barth syndrome patients were used to generate stem cells that differentiated into defective heart tissue in culture.  More...
27 May 2014

RNA Interference Mechanism May Be Used to Treat Cancer

RNA carried by new nanoparticles can silence genes in many organs, and researchers believe that it could be utilized to treat cancer.  More...
27 May 2014
Image: Stem cells loaded with cancer-killing herpes virus attack a brain tumor cell. Tumor cells in green. oHSV-loaded stem cells in red. oHSV-infected tumor cells in yellow (Photo courtesy of Dr. Khalid Shah, Harvard University).

Stem Cells Loaded with Oncolytic Herpes Virus Destroy Brain Tumors in Mouse Model

Cancer researchers treated mouse models of the human brain tumor glioblastoma multiforme by injecting the animals with stem cells loaded with oncolytic herpes virus and treated virus-resistant tumors with oncolytic herpes viruses genetically engineered to express the proapoptotic cytokine TRAIL.  More...
26 May 2014

Novel Approach Simplifies Complex Sugars on Protein-Based Biotech Medicines

A team of biotech medicine developers has established a cell-based production method that reduces the complexity of the sugars expressed on protein-based drugs.   More...
25 May 2014

Monoclonal Antibody Blocks B-Cell Receptor and Eases Leukemia Burden in Mouse Model

Blocking the B-cell-activating factor receptor on leukemia cells has been suggested as a new approach for treating an acute, chemotherapy-resistant form of childhood leukemia.  More...
26 May 2014

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