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Image: Tagged therapeutic stem cells (green) are targeting breast cancer metastases (red) in the brain of a mouse model (Photo courtesy of Dr. Khalid Shah, Massachusetts General Hospital).

Novel Stem Cell Therapy Eliminates Brain Tumors in Mouse Model

Cancer researchers have developed a novel stem cell therapeutic approach for treating breast cancer that has spread to the brain. More...
04 May 2015

New Kit Purifies RNA from Very Small Samples

A new kit for RNA purification prior to microarray analysis was designed specifically for small samples and for particularly difficult to isolate targets such as subpopulations of cells within larger samples like those found in heterogeneous solid tumors or hematologic malignancies.  More...
29 Apr 2015

Laser-Based Tool Injects Nanoparticles and Macromolecules into Cells with Minimal Damage

Cell biologists have developed a laser-based tool that is capable of injecting large objects such as nanoparticles, bacteria, or macromolecules into cells at a speed much greater than allowed by current technologies.  More...
29 Apr 2015
Image: Cytotoxic T-cells stained to show the LEM protein (Photo courtesy of Imperial College London).

Recently Identified Protein Stimulates Expansion of Protective T-cell Population

A team of British cancer researchers has identified a protein that helps the immune system ward off cancer by promoting the rapid expansion of the population of protective CD8+ T-cells.  More...
28 Apr 2015
Image: Optical micrograph of human cells (green) impaled on the nanoneedles (orange). The nanoneedles have injected DNA into the cells’ nuclei (blue) (Photo courtesy of Imperial College London).

New Nano Technique Rapidly Inserts Nucleic Acids into Cells

Researchers have unveiled a novel technique for inserting nucleic acids into cells that is based on biodegradable silicon-based "nanoneedles."  More...
27 Apr 2015
Image: Seed cone from Magnolia grandiflora, a primary source of honokiol (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Honokiol Prevents Hypertrophy in Mice by Increasing Mitochondrial Sirt3 Activity

The ancient herbal therapy substance honokiol, which is derived from the bark, seed cones, and leaves of trees belonging to the genus Magnolia, has been found in a recent study to have chemical properties that enable it to protect the heart from hypertrophy.  More...
26 Apr 2015
Image: Low-temperature plasmas are formed in a chamber like the one shown in the photo by applying a high electric field across a gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature (Photo courtesy of the University of York).

Low-Temperature Plasma Treatment Kills Prostate Cancer Cells

By combining physics and biology a team of British cancer researchers has shown that low-temperature plasma treatment kills prostate cancer cells in culture and may warrant development into a therapeutic tool to replace radiation and photodynamic methods.  More...
22 Apr 2015

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