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Image: Determining which stain on these paper filters (top row) is from blood (C) rather than coffee (A) or tea (B) is easier with the new, more selective artemisinin-luminol chemiluminescence test for forensic bloodstain detection (bottom row) (Photo courtesy of ACS).

Antimalarial Compound Improves Forensics of Bloodstains

Forensic investigators often use a luminol chemiluminescence test to detect latent bloodstains at crime scenes. Now, researchers have found that combining luminol with the antimalarial drug artemisinin, a natural peroxide, reduces the risk of false positives compared to the traditional method that mainly uses hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate as coreactants. They also obtained test results using a smartphone, which could provide highly accurate on-scene analyses. More...
12 Jun 2017
Image: The Cytation 1 cell imaging multimode reader (Photo courtesy of BioTek Instruments).

New Digital Microscope Boasts Augmented Software

A new automated digital quantitative multi-mode microscope has been released for use by biotech and other life science researchers. More...
08 Jun 2017
Image: The Univo Electric Capper/Decapper CP480 (Photo courtesy of Micronic).

Automated Instrument Delivers Rapid Seal of Tubes

An automated capping/decapping instrument has been guaranteed to evenly seal an entire rack of 96 tubes within seven seconds. More...
07 Jun 2017
Image: The Leica DMi8 S imaging system (Photo courtesy of Leica Microsystems).

New System Enables Multi-Color Resolution in Cells

A powerful microscope imaging system provides five times more speed and an increased viewing area up to 10,000 times, which can be combined with a new photomanipulation scanner to activate, ablate, and bleach cells or molecules within one experiment. More...
05 Jun 2017
Image: The FlexLISA kit provides a flexible tool for development and optimization of sandwich ELISA assays (Photo courtesy of Innova Biosciences).

New Kits Designed for ELISA Assay Development

A novel line of kits for the development and optimization of sandwich ELISA assays is now available for biotech and other life science researchers. More...
23 May 2017
Image: Three-dimensional (3D)-printed cartilage constructs growing in tissue culture (Photo courtesy of the University of Gothenburg).

Stem Cell and 3D Printing Generate Viable Tissue

A team of Swedish cell biologists combined three-dimensional (3D) bio-printing with advanced stem cell technology to create viable cultures of cartilage tissue that had cellular and mechanical properties similar to patients’ natural cartilage. More...
11 May 2017
Image: An image generated by cancerous cells labeled with the new chemiluminescent probe (Photo courtesy of Dr. Doron Shabat, Tel Aviv University).

New Probes Promise Exceptional Live Cell Images

Development of a new generation of chemiluminescent molecules is expected to lead to synthesis of efficient chemiluminescent probes for microscopy that will be suitable for use under physiological conditions and should provide exceptional live cell images. More...
09 May 2017
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