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Image: Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Chinese licorice) is the source of the neuroprotective compound liquiritigenin (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plant Extract Protects against PD

A team of Korean neurodegenerative disease researchers has identified a naturally occurring drug that prevents the death of dopamine-producing neurons that characterizes Parkinson's disease. More...
22 Nov 2017
Image: Investigators loaded light-activated nanoshells (gold and light blue) with the anticancer drug lapatinib (yellow) by encasing the drug in an envelope of albumin (blue). Light from a near-infrared laser (center) was used to remotely trigger the release of the drug (right) after the nanoshells were taken up by cancer cells (Photo courtesy of A. Goodman, Rice University).

Gold Nanoshells Safely Deliver Toxic Chemotherapeutic Drugs

A novel method for delivering toxic drugs to tumor cells relies on the use of light-activated gold nanoparticles, which are triggered remotely by laser light to release the drugs inside the cancer cells. More...
21 Nov 2017
Image: Melanin protein (light refracting granular material at the center of the photomicrograph) in a pigmented melanoma (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Light-Enhanced Microneedle Vaccine Prevents Melanoma Development

A novel immunotherapeutic vaccine prevented the development of skin cancer in a mouse model by exploiting the ability of the protein melanin to transform light energy into heat. More...
20 Nov 2017
Image: Circulating tumor DNA (ct or cfDNA) is found in serum and plasma fractions from blood. The mechanism of cfDNA release is unknown, though apoptosis, necrosis, and active secretion from tumor cells have been hypothesized (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Computer Program Confirms Relationship of cfDNA and Tumor DNA

Cancer researchers have developed an accurate, scalable approach for monitoring cell-free tumor DNA from blood samples. More...
16 Nov 2017
Image: An artist\'s rendition of a fluorescence microscope image of the artificial beta cells (Photo courtesy of Gu Laboratory, University of North Carolina).

Novel Approach for Treating Diabetes Based on Artificial Beta Cells

A possible long-term approach for treating diabetes could be based on a novel type of artificial pancreatic beta cells capable of releasing insulin in response to elevated levels of glucose. More...
14 Nov 2017
Image: A scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the influenza virus (Photo courtesy of the CDC).

Gene Vaccine Protects Mice from Influenza Virus Strains

A team of molecular virologists protected mice from deadly infection caused by a range of influenza viruses by using a deactivated adenovirus vector to vaccinate them with a cocktail of centralized viral genes. More...
13 Nov 2017
Image: In this reconstituted schematic, hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) transplanted in a mouse model of Friedreich\'s ataxia differentiate into microglial cells (red) and transfer mitochondrial protein (green) to neurons (blue), preventing neurodegeneration (Photo courtesy of Dr. Stephanie Cherqui, University of California, San Diego).

Stem Cell Therapy Cures Friedreich's Ataxia in Mouse Model

Stem cell therapy was used to cure Friedreich's ataxia in a mouse model of the fatal degenerative disease. More...
09 Nov 2017
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