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Lab Technologies

Nanoprobe Reveals Dynamics of Plaque Development in Living Alzheimer's Cells

A novel nanoscale plasmonic probe was used to follow the formation of toxic tau and amyloid (A-beta) plaques in living, anesthetic treated neuroblastoma cells. More...
27 Jun 2016

Pair of Enhanced Techniques Developed for Stem Cell Lineage Tracing

European cell biologists have developed a pair of methods for the precise assessment of the multipotent or unipotent fate of stem cells. More...
21 Jun 2016
Image: A three-dimensional printer adapted for stem cell production (Photo courtesy of Nano Dimension).

Israeli Developers Demonstrate Prototype Three-Dimensional Bioprinter

Two Israeli companies have combined efforts in the development of three-dimensional printer technology for the production of stem cells. More...
07 Jun 2016

Rapid Injection Technique Improves Production of Genetically Engineered Mice

An electroporation method has been introduced that improves the production of genetically altered "knock-out" mice by requiring less time and being more efficient at introducing the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing complex than is the current microinjection method. More...
06 Jun 2016
Image: Cocoons of the silk moth Bombyx mori were used to isolate the silk fibroin used in the study (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Silk-Based Technique Stabilizes Fluid Samples for Diagnostics or Research

Drying blood or other biological fluid samples together with silk fibroin has been suggested as an alternative to refrigeration or drying on paper for transporting specimens from the field to the laboratory. More...
01 Jun 2016

CRISPR-based Technology Enables High-Resolution Zika Detection On Low-Cost Paper Discs

Building off their earlier innovative development in “programmable diagnostics”, researchers on an international, multi-institutional team recently joined efforts to quickly prototype their low-cost rapid test with the goal that it could soon be used to screen samples (blood, urine, or saliva) for Zika virus and strain identification. More...
16 May 2016

Cardiac Researchers Use Stem Cells to Generate Functional Heart Muscle

Stem cell researchers have developed a new technique to form micro-scale arrays of engineered heart muscle (EHM) from fewer than 10,000 starter cells without requirement for adherence features or extracellular matrix (ECM). More...
03 May 2016

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