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Lab Technologies

Evaluating Chitosan Nerve Conduits That Bridge Sciatic Nerve Defects Visualized Using Ultrasound Imaging

The first use of ultrasound has been used by Chinese researchers to noninvasively observe the changes in chitosan nerve conduits implanted in lab rats over time.   More...
27 Aug 2014
Image: A material that changes shape when heated could be used to make custom implants. The white bar is 1-cm-long (Photo courtesy of Melissa Grunlan, Texas A&M).

Shape Memory Polymer Designed to Help Reconstruct Faces

Researchers have developed a “self-fitting” material that expands with warm salt water to effectively fill bone defects, and also acts as a scaffold for new bone growth.  More...
27 Aug 2014

Acoustic Pressure Helps Deliver Drugs to the Brain

A new technique uses a focused ultrasound beam to control the size of molecules penetrating the blood-brain barrier.  More...
26 Aug 2014

Modular Design of New Microplate Reader Encourages Modification and Upgrades

Life science and biotech researchers now have available a state-of-the-art modular microplate reader with a wide range of capabilities from UV-visual absorbance to bottom fluorescence and luminescence.  More...
25 Aug 2014

X-Ray Imaging System Enables Scientists to See in Real Time How Effective Treatments are for Cystic Fibrosis

A new imaging approach allows researchers to monitor the effectiveness of a treatment for the life-threatening genetic disorder.   More...
25 Aug 2014

Breakthrough DNA Analysis Technology to Hasten Problem Diagnosis

Researchers have achieved a technical breakthrough that should result in speedier diagnosis of diseases for which analysis of DNA from single-cells is critical, such as early stage cancers and various prenatal conditions.   More...
25 Aug 2014
Image: 3D visualization of intact kidney tissue, obtained through the whole-body clearing and staining PARS method (Photo courtesy of Bin Yang and Viviana Gradinaru, Caltech).

Biomedical Research Advanced by Technology That Sees Through Organs

A study reveals simple ways for making opaque organs, bodies, and human tissue biopsies transparent, while keeping the cellular structures and connections intact.   More...
24 Aug 2014

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