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10 May 2016 - 16 May 2016
11 May 2016 - 13 May 2016

Lab Technologies

Huge Modifiable Biomedical Database to Be Available on the Wikidata Site

Genome researchers are exploiting the power of the open Internet community Wikipedia database to create a comprehensive resource for geneticists, molecular biologists, and other interested life scientists. More...
28 Apr 2016
Image: The DFC9000 sCMOS microscope camera mounted to a DMi8 inverted microscope (Photo courtesy of Leica Microsystems).

Next-generation sCMOS Microscope Cameras Offer High Resolution Live Cell Imaging

A new generation of microscope cameras enables investigators to obtain images of living cells under near-native conditions. More...
27 Apr 2016

Carbon Nanotube-Based Device Efficiently Transports Nucleic Acids into Cell Cultures

A novel device based on carbon nanotubes arranged in "honeycomb-like" structures was used to safely and efficiently transfer genetic material into cultures of different types of human and animal cells. More...
25 Apr 2016
Image: Using E. coli bacteria as the initial organism for development, bioengineers have devised a programming language that simplifies the process of designing and incorporating synthetic gene elements to provide living cells with new functions (Photo courtesy of Janet Iwasa and MIT).

Programming Language Simplifies Design of Biological Circuits

Bioengineers have created a programming language that allows to rapidly design complex DNA-encoded circuits that provide new functions to living cells. In a first application, genetic circuits generated on plasmids expressed in Escherichia coli bacteria successfully regulated cellular functions in response to multiple environmental signals.  More...
05 Apr 2016

Medical Implant Device Reduces Alzheimer’s Pathology and Provides Passive Immunization

In landmark proof-of-concept study with mice, a cutting-edge subcutaneous-implant capsule developed for treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, successfully directed the immune system against the disease.  More...
03 Apr 2016

Genetically Engineered Maggots Could Augment Wound Healing

A new study describes how maggot debridement therapy larvae can be genetically modified to release a human growth factor that actively stimulates cell growth and wound healing.  More...
03 Apr 2016

Immune Cells Adapt Inefficiently in Patients with Uncontrolled HIV

Antibodies derived from a type of immune cell found in unusually high numbers in human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals with chronically uncontrolled virus levels are less effective at neutralizing HIV than antibodies derived from a different type of immune cell more common in people without HIV.  More...
28 Mar 2016

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