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Image: Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) (Photo courtesy of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine).

How Blocking TROY Signaling Slows Brain Cancer Growth

Cancer researchers have found how the low molecular weight drug propentofylline slows the growth of the aggressive brain tumor glioblastoma multiforme.  More...
29 Nov 2015
Image: Left: Green actin fibers create architecture of the cell. Right: With cytochalasin D added, actin fibers disband and reform in the nuclei (Photo courtesy of the University of North Carolina).

Actin in the Nucleus Triggers a Process That Directs Stem Cells to Mature into Bone

A team of cell biologists has discovered why treatment of mesenchymal stem cells with the mycotoxin cytochalasin D directs them to mature into bone cells rather than into fat cells, a finding that might prove useful in the development of treatments for bone loss.   More...
25 Nov 2015

Platelet Membrane-Coated Nanoparticles Kill Circulating Tumor Cells and Prevent Metastasis in Breast Cancer Model

Silica nanoparticles functionalized with activated platelet membranes along with surface conjugation of the tumor-specific apoptosis-inducing ligand cytokine TRAIL were shown to facilitate the destruction of circulating tumor cells and prevent the spread of the disease in a mouse breast cancer metastasis model.  More...
25 Nov 2015
Image: Cryoelectron micrograph reconstruction of the Chikungunya virus (Photo courtesy of the Washington University School of Medicine).

Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Protect Mice from Alphavirus Infection

While screening a panel of mouse and human monoclonal antibodies that had been raised against Chikungunya virus, researchers identified several with inhibitory activity against multiple other arthritogenic alphaviruses.  More...
24 Nov 2015

Novel Molecular Signaling Pathway Inhibits Lung Cancer Growth and Metastasis

A gene that had not been linked previously to lung cancer was found to be a critical component of a novel molecular signaling pathway that restricts lung cancer progression and metastasis.  More...
23 Nov 2015

Inactivated Bacteria and Excreted Factors for Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Inactivated Clostridium sporogenes bacteria and medium harvested after growth of the bacteria were found to be potent inhibitors of colorectal cancer cells growing on two- and three-dimensional culture platforms.  More...
22 Nov 2015

Potential Drug Candidate Blocks Alternate DNA Repair Route in BRCA-Mutated Cancer Cells

Cancer researchers have identified a low molecular weight compound that inhibits the RAD52 DNA repair protein and kills cancer cells with a BRCA mutation by blocking the alternate DNA repair route.  More...
22 Nov 2015

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