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Image: Alternative splicing produces two protein isoforms (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Key Regulator of Cancer-Inducing Alternative Splicing Identified

Cancer researchers have identified the splicing factor RBM4 as a key determinant in processes that prevent tumor development and spread.  More...
17 Sep 2014
Image: Differences in the structure of a small lung artery (top row) and heart cross section (lower row) of rodents without disease (far left column); with pulmonary hypertension (middle) and a diseased rodent treated with the HDL peptide (right). Note the much narrowed lung artery, and thick walls and larger chamber of the heart in the diseased animal and improvements with 4F peptide treatment (Photo courtesy of UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles).

Apolipoprotein A-1 Mimetic Peptide Reverses Pulmonary Hypertension in Rodent Models

A small peptide that mimics the activity of apolipoprotein A-1, the main protein component of the high density lipoproteins, counteracted the effects of oxidized lipids and alleviated symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension in a population of laboratory animals.   More...
14 Sep 2014

Important Immune Cell Regulators’ Response Identified

A new strategy could help accelerate laboratory research and the development of potential therapeutics, including vaccines. The technology may also be used to identify the genes that underlie tumor cell development.   More...
14 Sep 2014

Synthetic Virus Designed to Enhance Delivery of New Generation of Pharmaceutical Agents

Dutch scientists have effectively developed an artificial virus that may be used for the delivery of a new generation of pharmaceutical agents, consisting of large biomolecules, by packaging them in a natural manner and delivering them to diseased cells.   More...
10 Sep 2014

DNA Amplification Kit Enables Investigation of the Genome from a Single Cell

A newly released DNA amplification kit enables biotech and other life science researchers to accurately and reproducibly amplify and investigate genomic DNA from single cells.  More...
09 Sep 2014
Image: Illustration comparing a normal blood vessel and partially blocked vessel due to atherosclerotic plaque build-up (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Mutation Reducing Fatty Acid-Binding Protein Activity Lowers Heart Attack Risk

A team of Finnish cardiovascular disease researchers found that a mutation generating a low-expression variant of fatty acid-binding protein 4, reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke.    More...
08 Sep 2014

New ELISA Kit Measures Drug-Induced DNA Breaks

A gamma H2AX pharmacodynamic assay kit for the study of double strand DNA breaks through the detection of the phosphorylated histone, gamma-H2AX, is now available for drug developers as well as biotech and other life science researchers.  More...
07 Sep 2014

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