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Innovative Microbial Diagnostics Developer Acquired by Biomedical Giant

A biotech company noted for its development of innovative products in the field of molecular microbiology diagnostics has been acquired by one of the world's largest biomedical corporations.  More...
23 Aug 2015

New Funds to Boost British Efforts to Develop Chlamydia Vaccine

An infusion of new funding is expected to boost efforts by researchers in the United Kingdom to develop a vaccine to prevent Chlamydia infection.   More...
16 Aug 2015

British Diabetes Research Program Awarded Major Funding Boost

A British project to develop a long term insulin-producing implant for treatment of diabetes has received a major infusion of funding that will allow it to proceed with its five-year work plan.  More...
09 Aug 2015

Teva Buys Allergan Generic Business Unit

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has bought the Allergan generic drugs business for USD 40.5 billion in cash and stock, solidifying its position as the world's largest generic drug maker.  More...
28 Jul 2015

Partners to Seek Novel Drugs to Treat Fibrotic Diseases

A global biopharmaceutical company and an American university hospital-based research institute have agreed to collaborate on the diagnosis and cure of fibrotic diseases.   More...
26 Jul 2015

European Partnership to Promote Development of Anticancer Cell Therapy Products

A leading European contract manufacturing organization is teaming up with a start-up biotech company to promote the clinical development of two unique anticancer cell therapy products.  More...
19 Jul 2015

Analysts Expect Surge in Parkinson's Disease Treatment Market

The market for drugs to treat Parkinson's disease is expected to grow dramatically over the next several years, driven primarily by an aging population and increasing disease prevalence.  More...
12 Jul 2015

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