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Global Healthcare’s Three Big Forecasts: mHealth, Cloud Healthcare, and Regulator Environments

A new market research report, based on a 2013 growth survey, identified major areas of eHealth technology and integration with other businesses.   More...
09 Dec 2013

German Biopharmaceutical Partners to Seek Osteoarthritis Drug

Two German biopharmaceutical companies are joining forces to develop a new class of drugs for treatment of osteoarthritis.   More...
02 Dec 2013

Next-Generation Sequencing Fuels Bioinformatics Upswing

The falling cost of genome sequencing is driving momentum to the global next-generation sequencing bioinformatics market. As cost-effective technology fuels adoption of genome sequencing in multiple end-user segments, a huge output of NGS data to store and analyze is an overwhelming result.   More...
25 Nov 2013

Illumina Agrees to Acquire Genomic Informatics Company, Strengthens IT Portfolio

Illumina has signed an agreement to acquire NextBio, a developer of clinical and genomic informatics.  More...
12 Nov 2013

European Biopharmaceutical Companies Launch Anticancer Drug Project

Two European biopharmaceutical companies are joining forces in an intensive effort to develop a new series of anticancer drugs.  More...
12 Nov 2013

Roche Acquires Rights to “Superbug” Antibiotic

Roche Holding has agreed to pay as much as USD 548 million to Polyphor for the rights to an experimental antibiotic that targets drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  More...
11 Nov 2013

Research Grant to Fund Development of Novel Tumor-Imaging Nanoprobes

Research funds have been awarded that will support a collaborative effort to develop novel nanoprobes to be used for in vivo tumor imaging.  More...
04 Nov 2013

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