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American and European Partners Establish a Microscopy Center of Excellence

A prominent American university has announced a partnership agreement with a major European producer of microscopes and imaging tools that will establish a center for the use of cutting-edge imaging technologies and the development of new ones.  More...
16 Oct 2014

Interest in Commercial Applications for Proteomics Continues to Grow

Increasing interest in the field of proteomics has led to a series of agreements between private proteomic companies and academic institutions as well as deals between pharmaceutical companies and novel proteomics innovator biotech companies.  More...
15 Oct 2014

Big Data Consortium to Advance Neuromuscular Disease Research

A five-center consortium has been initiated in the United States to gather and analyze thousands of bits of data to develop a global outlook of neuromuscular disorders.  More...
05 Oct 2014

Market for Proteomics Research Tools Facing Sharp Growth Trend

A report recently released to the biotech industry predicts sharp growth in research efforts in the field of proteomics with concurrent growth in sales of research supplies and equipment.   More...
05 Oct 2014

Collaboration of Mayo Clinic and IBM Cognitive Computer Devised to Improve Clinical Trial Research

The Mayo Clinic and IBM recently announced plans to pilot Watson, the IBM cognitive computer, to match patients more rapidly with suitable clinical trials.   More...
21 Sep 2014

Partnership Established to Decode Bowel Disease

23andMe, a personal genetics company, is collaborating with Pfizer, in which the companies will seek to enroll 10,000 people with inflammatory bowel disease in a research project designed to explore the genetic factors associated with the onset, progression, severity, and response to treatments for IBD.  More...
25 Aug 2014

Biotechnology Merger to Spur Development of a Gene Therapy Approach for Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure

Rapid improvement in the treatment of congestive heart failure is expected following the acquisition of InoCard, a German early-stage biotechnology company by uniQure, a Dutch leader in the field of gene therapy.  More...
24 Aug 2014

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