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NanoString and MD Anderson Collaborate on Development of Novel Multi-Omic Expression Profiling Assays for Cancer

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and NanoString Technologies will partner on development of a revolutionary new type of assay—simultaneously profiling gene and protein expression, initially aiming to discover and validate biomarker signatures for immuno-oncology and to extend targeted therapeutics programs.  More...
13 Apr 2015

Drug Development Acquisition Focuses on Treatment for Movement Disorders

The purchase of a biomedical company that develops drugs for treatment of hyperkinetic movement disorders by one of the world's largest producers of generic drugs is expected to strengthen the generics manufacturer's position in the market for central nervous system condition treatments.  More...
12 Apr 2015

Biotech Collaboration to Promote Animal-Based Cancer Research

Two American biotechnology companies have signed a collaboration agreement that is intended to promote animal-based cancer research and drug development.  More...
05 Apr 2015

“Softer” Mass Spec Techniques Gain Advantage in Biomarker Discovery

Two mass spectrometry technologies, MALDI and DESI, are increasing in applications as their effectiveness is established, according to Kalorama Information in its report “Proteomics Markets for Research and IVD Applications - Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, Microarrays, Electrophoresis, Immunoassays, Other Technologies.”  More...
29 Mar 2015

Artel Expands Portfolio with STRATEC Partnership for Automation Technology

Artel, a leader in laboratory liquid handling measurement systems, and STRATEC Biomedical, a leader in automated systems for clinical diagnostics and biotechnology, have entered into a strategic partnership for STRATEC’s innovative “Tholos” technology, which measures liquid and solid contents of 96- and 384-well microplates.   More...
16 Feb 2015

Roche Acquires Signature Diagnostics to Advance Translational Research

Roche will advance translational research for next generation sequencing diagnostics by leveraging the unique expertise of Signature Diagnostics in biobanks and development of novel NGS diagnostic assays.  More...
15 Feb 2015

Program Designed to Provide High-Performance Computing Cluster Systems for Bioinformatics Research

Dedicated Computing, a global technology company, reported that it will be participating in the Intel Cluster Ready program to deliver integrated high-performance computing cluster solutions to the life sciences market.    More...
25 Jan 2015

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