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Lab Technologies

Neuroscientists Use MRI Sensors to Map Neural Activity

Investigators have devised a new technique that allows them to track neural communication in the brain over time, using magnetic resonance imaging combined with a specialized molecular sensor.   More...
14 May 2014

Fluorescent Detection System Developed for Identifying Cancer

A new water-soluble fluorescent detection system that is extremely sensitive to pyrophosphate has been discovered that might lead to the development of a method for early detection of cancer cells.   More...
14 May 2014

Mass Spectrometry Technology Maps Chemicals as They Migrate Into Skin

A mass spectrometry technique gaining acceptance for medical applications such as imaging tumor surfaces can also be used to analyze the migration of small-molecule compounds applied to the skin.   More...
14 May 2014
Image: Lab-grown vaginal organs implanted in patients (Photo courtesy of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine).

Project to Move Engineered Tissue and Organs from Lab to the Bedside, Operating Room

As developments in lab-created organs and tissues continue to advance, the challenge becomes how to translate the technology from the laboratory to the operating room. Two US universities are now exploring manufacturing platforms to mass produce customized engineered tissues and organs.    More...
13 May 2014

Switch to CAD Technology Greatly Improves Lab-On-A-Chip Capability

The lab-on-a-chip holds potential for reducing cost of medical diagnostics while expanding access to health care. Now scientists have developed computer aided design software to enable far more than one or two tests on a single chip.   More...
12 May 2014

Real-Time Neuroimaging Technology Offers Glimpse Inside the Cell

Cutting-edge imaging technology provides insights into the role of redox signaling and reactive oxygen species in living neurons, in real time. German scientists have developed a new optical microscopy technique that provides insights into the role of oxidative stress in damaged as well as healthy nervous systems.   More...
08 May 2014

New Line of Laboratory Balances Focuses on Most Often Used Weighing Tasks

Biotech and other life science researchers can increase their productivity by selecting one or more new laboratory balances from an innovative new line.  More...
08 May 2014

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