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Lab Technologies

HIV Cure Possible Using Radioimmunotherapy

Researchers are using radioimmunotherapy to destroy remaining HIV-infected cells in the blood samples of patients treated with antiretroviral therapy, offering the potential for an actual cure for HIV infection.   More...
18 Dec 2013

Calibration Tools Used to Enhance Ultralow Field MRI Technology

A US technology office has developed prototype calibration tools for an experimental medical imaging technique that offers new benefits in diagnosing and tracking of specific cancers and other medical disorders.   More...
16 Dec 2013
Image: The figure shows a nanocage in which eight unique DNA molecules are mixed together. The nanocage has four functional elements that transform themselves in response to changes in the surrounding temperature. These transformations either close (1A) or open (1B) the nanocage. By exploiting the temperature changes in the surroundings, the researchers trapped an active enzyme called horseradish peroxidase (HRP) in the nanocage (1C) (Photo courtesy of Sissel Juul).

Nanorobots Designed for Drug Delivery

Initial phases of research have been started towards developing a nanorobot that in the long run will enable the targeted transport of pharmaceutical agents in the body.  More...
16 Dec 2013

MR Research Reveals Altered Brain Connections in Epilepsy Patients

New imaging findings show that patients with the most typical form of focal epilepsy have widespread, abnormal connections in their brains. This new research could provide insights for better diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.   More...
12 Dec 2013

Boosting Mitochondrial Function May Nullify Resistance to Radiotherapy

The resistance of some cancers to the cell-destroying effects of radiation therapy may be caused by mitochondrial abnormalities, according to an international team of researchers.   More...
10 Dec 2013

EMRs Could Help Discover New Disease Associations

A new study is repurposing genetic data and electronic medical records to perform a large-scale validation of known disease associations.   More...
10 Dec 2013

New Diagnostic Tool: Identification of Cancer Cells by Deformability Cytometry

A system that classifies individual cells according to their structural behavior has been used to identify cancers in cases that were difficult or impossible to resolve with traditional cytological techniques.  More...
09 Dec 2013

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