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Lab Technologies

Image: Light passing through an optical fiber (left) can either carry in a signal that stimulates the activity of cells embedded in the hydrogel implant or bring back a signal generated by cells responding to something in their environment (Photo courtesy of the Harvard Bio-Optics Lab/Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital).

Light-Based Communication Within Cells Enabled by Hydrogel Implant

American scientists have developed a way to deliver a light signal to specific tissues deep within the body.  More...
12 Nov 2013

Skin Cancers and Diseases Diagnosed Optically

A noninvasive real-time optical system enables doctors to perform biopsies of living tissue without cutting into the skin.  More...
07 Nov 2013
Image: A new drug delivery system consisting of a combination of a nanotech system, chemotherapy, and cellular heating may improve treatment of ovarian cancer (Photo courtesy of Oregon State University).

Cellular Heating, Nanotech System Developed to Improve Ovarian Cancer Treatment

A new drug delivery system that incorporates heat, nanotechnology, and chemotherapy is showing potential in improving the treatment of ovarian cancer.  More...
06 Nov 2013

Primer-Based RNA Sequencing Analyzes RNA Transcripts in as Few as 50 Cells

A new method could be used to develop cost-effective and rapid techniques for detecting cancer at early stages, as well as better tools for drug discovery, forensics, and developmental biology.  More...
05 Nov 2013
Image: A new 3D culture method allows cell material from mice to grow vividly in tree-like structures (Photo courtesy of University of Copenhagen).

3D Culture Designed to Grow Miniature Pancreas

An international team of researchers has successfully developed a three-dimensional approach to grow miniature pancreas from progenitor cells.  More...
30 Oct 2013
Image: Time lapse photos of three leukemia cells being treated with OPEF. Two of the three cells are literally shattered by the treatment (Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Novobiotronics Inc.).

Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields Strike Major Blow to Resistant Bacteria and Cancer

Oscillating pulsed electric field technology is disarming antibiotic resistance in bacteria as well as destroy cancer cells.   More...
29 Oct 2013
Image: An artist’s rendering shows DNA structures and a chemical reaction “program” on the screen. A “chemical computer” executes the molecular program (Photo courtesy of Yan Liang, L2XY2.com).

Programming Language Designed to Construct Synthetic DNA

 Chemists and biotech researchers may soon be able to use a structured series of instructions to “program” how DNA molecules interact in a test tube or cell, similar to using a programming language to write computer code. More...
24 Oct 2013

Lab Technology channel of BioResearch reports on research laboratory hardware and software, tools and methods, consumables, trends, techniques, and safety.
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