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Lab Technologies

New Platform Detects MicroRNA Directly in Serum and Plasma

Biotech and other life science researchers will benefit from the introduction of a novel microRNA detection platform.  More...
20 Oct 2015

Enhanced Cuvette-Free UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Now Available

The next generation of cuvette-free UV-visible spectrophotometers is now available for biotech and other life science laboratories.  More...
20 Oct 2015

New Automated Extraction System Produces High Quality RNA-free DNA

A state-of-the-art precipitation-based system completely automates the DNA extraction process from primary tube sampling to final DNA elution into storage tubes.  More...
18 Oct 2015

First Animal-Free Screening Platforms to Predict Toxic Kidney Injury

In a biotechnological advancement involving human induced pluripotent stem cells, researchers have developed the first animal-free screening platforms capable of predicting a compound’s toxicity on the human kidney. The new platforms may provide a reliable and efficient tool in evaluating safety of novel compounds and ingredients, as is required in chemical and pharmaceutical as well as food and consumer care industries.  More...
18 Oct 2015

New Genomic Research Kit Simplifies Exome Studies

An exciting new tool is now available for biotech researchers working in the field of genomic analysis.  More...
04 Oct 2015

Gene Expression Kit Designed for High-throughput Automated Usage

A newly released kit for gene expression measurement was designed for high-throughput use with 384-well microplates.  More...
04 Oct 2015
Image: A three-dimensional visualization of A-beta plaques (green) and blood vessels (red) in a region of cerebral cortex from a 20-month-old Alzheimer\'s disease model mouse (Photo courtesy of RIKEN Brain Science Institute).

New Optical Clearing Method Preserves Critical Brain Tissue Structures

A recent paper described the use of a sorbitol-based optical clearing method that provides stable tissue preservation for immunochemical labeling and three-dimensional signal rendering.   More...
30 Sep 2015

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