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Lab Technologies

Clostridium Strains Emit Volatile Organic Compounds in Characteristic Patterns

A novel method for determining Clostridium difficile ribotypes was based on mass spectroscopy analysis of volatile organic compounds produced by cultures of the diarrhea-causing bacteria.  More...
16 Sep 2014

Important Immune Cell Regulators’ Response Identified

A new strategy could help accelerate laboratory research and the development of potential therapeutics, including vaccines. The technology may also be used to identify the genes that underlie tumor cell development.   More...
14 Sep 2014

Neuro-MRI Scanning Reveals Disparities Between Imagining and Remembering

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, investigators are learning more about where and how imagination processes occur in human brains. Investigators devised a study that would help them distinguish real imagination from related mental processes such as remembering.    More...
10 Sep 2014
Image: Design of the minimal viral coat protein C-Sn-B (Photo courtesy of Wageningen University).

Synthetic Virus Designed to Enhance Delivery of New Generation of Pharmaceutical Agents

Dutch scientists have effectively developed an artificial virus that may be used for the delivery of a new generation of pharmaceutical agents, consisting of large biomolecules, by packaging them in a natural manner and delivering them to diseased cells.   More...
10 Sep 2014

DNA Amplification Kit Enables Investigation of the Genome from a Single Cell

A newly released DNA amplification kit enables biotech and other life science researchers to accurately and reproducibly amplify and investigate genomic DNA from single cells.  More...
09 Sep 2014

Hair Restoration Method Clones Patients’ Cells to Grow New Hair Follicles

Researchers have developed of a new hair restoration approach that uses a patient’s cells to grow new hair follicles. In addition, the [US] Food and Drugs Administration recently approved a new drug found to restore hair in patients with Alopecia areata.  More...
09 Sep 2014

Nanotechnology Provides an Armory of Imaging and Therapeutic Applications

Scientists have created dynamic nanoparticles that could provide a range of applications to diagnose and treat cancer. Built on a simple-to-construct polymer base, these particles can be utilized as contrast agents to illuminate tumors for MRI and PET scans or deliver chemo and other therapies to kill tumors.  More...
08 Sep 2014

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