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Lab Technologies

Image: A three-dimensional visualization of A-beta plaques (green) and blood vessels (red) in a region of cerebral cortex from a 20-month-old Alzheimer\'s disease model mouse (Photo courtesy of RIKEN Brain Science Institute).

New Optical Clearing Method Preserves Critical Brain Tissue Structures

A recent paper described the use of a sorbitol-based optical clearing method that provides stable tissue preservation for immunochemical labeling and three-dimensional signal rendering.   More...
30 Sep 2015

Analytical Chemistry Collaboration to Automate Sample Extraction Procedures

A collaborative agreement in the field of analytical chemistry will bring sample extraction of samples for chromatography directly to a series of automated, robotic liquid handling platforms.  More...
27 Sep 2015

Burden of Manual Cell Counting Alleviated by New Cell Counter Instrument

The burden of manual cell counting for biotech, biopharm, and other life science lab technicians has been alleviated by the introduction of a new user-friendly and cost-effective cell counter instrument.   More...
24 Sep 2015

Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench for Process Protection

The laboratory equipment market now features a horizontal laminar flow clean bench that is billed as the ideal solution for Class 100 applications where process protection is needed. More...
24 Sep 2015

Silk-Based "Bioinks" for 3-D Printing of Tissues and Organs

A team of biomedical engineers has developed silk-based "bioinks" that do not require harsh chemical or heat curing and show promise for three-dimensional printing of biofunctional structures such as tissues or organs.  More...
23 Sep 2015

Novel Spin Column-Based Kits for Standardized Extraction of Exosome RNA

A novel spin column-based method has been developed that provides a faster, more reliable means for the isolation of RNA from exosomes for research, delivering high-quality results with less labor-intensive sample preparation.  More...
21 Sep 2015

Improving Global Sharing of Biomedical Research Data

A special issue of the Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics presents guidelines, protocols, models, and new resources to improve data sharing across the globe.  More...
07 Sep 2015

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