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05 Mar 2017 - 09 Mar 2017
20 Mar 2017 - 23 Mar 2017
12 Apr 2017 - 14 Apr 2017

Lab Technologies

Improved Microscopy May Identify Best Viable Sperm Cells for Reproductive Assistance

Researchers’ cutting-edge, stain-free innovation enables more effective screening for and identification of high-quality sperm candidates for assisted reproductive technology.  More...
17 Jan 2016

Internet Application Furthers Pediatric Cancer Research

An interactive web application and dataset that is a powerful tool to advance understanding of oncogenic mutations is available free of charge to pediatric cancer researchers.  More...
11 Jan 2016

Cell-Free Bioreactor Produces Therapeutic Proteins for Point-of-Care Use

A microfluidic bioreactor for cell-free protein synthesis was developed to facilitate the production of a single-dose of a therapeutic protein for point-of-care delivery.  More...
11 Jan 2016
Image: Classical phase contrast image (L) of a cell compared to thermal imaging (R) (Photo courtesy of the University of Bordeaux).

Thermal Microscopy Could Help Detect Disease

A thermal microscope that produces heat maps of single cells could help detect disease conditions at the sub-cell scale, according to a new study.   More...
10 Jan 2016
Image: The BioXp 3200 System (Photo courtesy of Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI-DNA Inc.)).

First Add-On Module Automates Cloning of DNA Sequences

The producer of the world's first commercial "DNA printer" is introducing a cloning module that will endow the system with the ability to synthesize and clone custom-designed DNA with an overnight instrument run.  More...
16 Dec 2015

Viscoelastic Hydrogels Promote Bone Formation in 3D Cell Cultures

Stem cell researchers have devised a viscoelastic hydrogel matrix that encourages stem cells grown in three-dimensional culture to differentiate into bone tissue, which has promising applications in the realm of bone regeneration, growth, and healing.  More...
15 Dec 2015

Plasmon Resonance-Based Nanosensor Detects Minute Levels of Pancreatic Cancer-Related MicroRNA

Measurement of levels of specific microRNAs in various cell or bodily fluids can now be carried out using an ultrasensitive surface plasmon resonance-based nano-sensor.   More...
08 Dec 2015

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