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Lab Technologies

Metabolon Collaborates with GSK for Metabolomics Research Platform

Metabolon, a diagnostics and research services company offering metabolomics research platforms, has entered into a collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline to provide metabolomic profiling services and to collaborate on other research projects utilizing Metabolon’s DiscoveryHD4 platform.  More...
02 Jun 2014
Image: The Hamilton BIOS M Ultra-low Temperature Storage System (Photo courtesy of Hamilton Storage Technologies).

Compact Ultralow Temperature Storage Solutions Available

A line of advanced deep freezers with robotic sample access is now available for biotech and life science laboratories.  More...
01 Jun 2014

European Bioinformatics Sector Expected to Surge

An intra-European purchase agreement will boost the bioinformatics field by combining an exhaustive genomics data base with a highly intuitive software suite.   More...
01 Jun 2014
Image: Nanoengineers have developed a 3D printed device inspired by the liver to remove dangerous toxins from the blood. The device, which is designed to be used outside the body like dialysis, uses nanoparticles to trap pore-forming toxins that can damage cellular membranes and are a key factor in illnesses that result from animal bites and stings, and bacterial infections (Photo courtesy of UCSD – the University of California, San Diego).

Bioprinting 3D Technology Mimics Liver to Detoxify Blood

Nanoengineers have developed a 3D-printed device to act like the liver to remove harmful toxins from the blood.  More...
27 May 2014
Image: MIT engineers designed RNA-carrying nanoparticles (red) that can be taken up by endothelial cells (stained blue) (Photo courtesy of Aude Thiriot, Harvard University).

RNA Interference Mechanism May Be Used to Treat Cancer

RNA carried by new nanoparticles can silence genes in many organs, and researchers believe that it could be utilized to treat cancer.  More...
27 May 2014
Image: Microscopic view of the engineered bone with an opening exposing the internal trabecular bony network, overlaid with colored images of blood cells and a supportive vascular network that fills the open spaces in the bone marrow-on-a-chip (Photo courtesy of James Weaver, Harvard’s Wyss Institute).

Bone Marrow-on-a-Chip Designed to Evaluate New Drugs, Radiation Toxicity

New organ-on-a-chip technology is providing scientists with an important new tool to assess the effects of new drugs and toxic agents on whole bone marrow.   More...
25 May 2014
Image An adeno-associated virus capsid (blue) modified by peptides (red) inserted to lock the virus is the result of research at Rice University into a new way to target cancerous and other diseased cells. The peptides are keyed to proteases overexpressed at the site of diseased tissues; they unlock the capsid and allow it to deliver its therapeutic cargo (Photo courtesy of Junghae Suh/Rice University).

Nanodelivery System Securely Targets Cancer cells

Scientists have devised a tunable virus that works similar to a safe deposit box. It takes two keys to open it and release its therapeutic payload.  More...
20 May 2014

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