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Lab Technologies

New Tool Developed to Identify Genetic Risk Factors

A new biological pathway-based computational model has been developed to identify underlying genetic connections between different diseases.  More...
13 Feb 2014

Dedicated Blood DNA Collection Tube Receives European Marketing Approval

A new collection tube for routine clinical use that was designed to preserve DNA in blood samples was recently certified for use as a diagnostic product in Europe.  More...
13 Feb 2014
Image: The GloMax Discover, an integrated multimode detection plate-reader system (Photo courtesy of the Promega Corporation).

New Microplate Reader Optimized for Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Assays

Biotech and other life science researchers now have available a new microplate reader system that provides superior sensitivity, performance, and flexibility with minimal user intervention.  More...
13 Feb 2014
Image: Researchers have created embryonic-like stem cells with the ability to develop into any of the dozens of highly specialized cells of the body, ranging from cardiac-muscle cells to the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord (Photo courtesy of Brigham and Women’s Hospital / RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology).

Embryonic Stem Cells Created Without Embryo

US and Japanese researchers have demonstrated that any mature adult cell, known as a somatic cell, has the potential to change into the equivalent of an embryonic stem cell.  More...
11 Feb 2014

Ultrasound Using Microbubble Contrast Agent Provides Way to Visualize Tumors

Ultrasound provides a less expensive and radiation-free way to identify and track cancer in comparison to technologies such as CT and MRI.  More...
10 Feb 2014

Collaboration to Standardize Chemistry-Based Metabolism Prediction, Profiling Technology to Improve Drug Discovery Process

Empiriko, a clinical intelligence company, and CreaGen Biosciences, a drug discovery service company and science research incubator, have reached an agreement under which CreaGen will provide chemistry expertise and modern laboratory facilities for scaling and standardizing Empiriko’s chemosynthetic liver technology.  More...
10 Feb 2014

Cherenkov Effect Breakthrough Allows Clinicians to Visualize Radiotherapy in Body

A scientific breakthrough may provide radiation oncologists with new tools to increase the accuracy and safety of radiation treatment in cancer patients by helping them visualize the powerful beams of a linear accelerator as they enter or exit the body.  More...
05 Feb 2014

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