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10 Oct 2016 - 12 Oct 2016
12 Nov 2016 - 16 Nov 2016

Lab Technologies

Microneedle Delivery of Beta-Cells Avoids Host Immune Rejection

A novel skin patch filled with living insulin-secreting beta cells was shown to regulate glucose levels in a mouse diabetes model for up to 10 hours while avoiding adverse immune responses.  More...
28 Mar 2016

Innovative Nano-Biosensor Developed for Rapid Detection of Viruses

Scientists have invented a compact, easy-to-use biosensor for rapid, sensitive detection of flu and other viruses by utilizing the optical method of upconversion luminescence resonance energy transfer.  More...
23 Mar 2016
Image: When seeded with heart cells, the flexible polymer scaffold contracts with a regular rhythm, just like real heart tissue (Photo courtesy of Boyang Zhang, University of Toronto).

Biomedical Engineers Reveal Organ-on-Chip Device for Drug Testing and Organ Repair

A soft, biodegradable polymer was used to form a three-dimensional organ-on-chip device for growth of artificial organs that could be used for drug testing or the repair or replacement of damaged organs.  More...
21 Mar 2016

Lipidomics Method Could Bring Fast Cancer Diagnosis

The field of lipidomics has been significantly advanced by mass spectrometric analysis, but the distinction and quantitation of the unsaturated lipid isomers, however, remain a long-standing challenge.  More...
08 Mar 2016

Portable Device Developed for Rapid Highly Sensitive Diagnostics

A low-cost and portable microfluidic diagnostic device has been developed for remote regions with limited health facilities experiencing an epidemic, which need portable diagnostic equipment that functions outside the hospital.  More...
07 Mar 2016
Image: Progressively spaced micropillars highlight the new magnetic ratcheting cell sorting system (Photo courtesy of University of California, Los Angeles).

Researchers Reveal a Microchip Magnetic Cell Sorting Device

A novel magnetic cell sorting system may potentially be reduced in size for development into a "lab-on-a-chip" device.  More...
07 Mar 2016

Novel Method Enables Simultaneous 96-Well Extraction of Urine Samples for LC-MS/MS Analysis

A new application note describes a high-throughput semi-automated method for rapid processing of urine samples for LC-MS/MS molecular detection and identification, including for drugs-of-abuse analysis.   More...
29 Feb 2016

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