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Lab Technologies

Powder Developed to Enhance NMR Signals for Faster, Better Structure Determination and Early Cancer MRI Diagnosis

Dynamic nuclear polarization combined with nuclear magnetic resonance allows, due to polarizing agents, the enhancement of nuclear magnetic resonance signals from a wide range of molecules resulting in the substantial reduction of acquisition time. More...
22 Jan 2014

Living Brain Cells Generated from Biobanked Brain Tissue

Scientists for the first time have generated induced pluripotent stem cells lines from non-cryoprotected brain tissue of Alzheimer’s disease patients.  More...
21 Jan 2014

Stimulating Brain Cells Using Optogenetics Stops Binge Drinking

Researchers are using a new strategy to change alcohol-drinking behavior in lab rats, using new optogenetic technology that uses light to stimulate neurons.  More...
20 Jan 2014

Imaging Technology Could Solve Childhood Disease Secrets

For some children, in particular, for premature infants and those with underlying health problems, respiratory syncytial virus can lead to pneumonia and bronchitis, which can require hospitalization and have long-term consequences. More...
14 Jan 2014

New Data for Engineering Immune Cells Shows Promise in Antitumor Therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor T cells, which are engineered immune cells, have been designed to direct antitumor immune responses toward tumors that carry a protein called mesothelin.  More...
14 Jan 2014

New Nanomaterial Promises Enhanced Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer

A collaboration of scientists from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, and Germany are devising new detection and treatment technology for breast cancer patients.  More...
07 Jan 2014

Improved Molecular Backbone Enhances Function of RNA Interference Tools

Biotechnology researchers have reported significant progress in the development of synthetic RNAi tools by enhancing the efficiency of the molecule's 30-nucleotide backbone.   More...
31 Dec 2013

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