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Lab Technologies


New Inverted Microscope Available for Routine Work and Training

A robust inverted light microscope for quick cell culture checking and other routine work is now available for biotech, life science, and clinical laboratories.  More...
25 Jun 2014

Terahertz Detectors with Carbon Nanotubes Designed to Improve MRI Technology and Other Image-Detection Applications

American and Japanese scientists are developing new terahertz detectors based on carbon nanotubes that could lead to significant enhancements in medical imaging, food inspection, airport passenger screening, and other applications.   More...
24 Jun 2014

Image Analysis, Environmental Control and Experiment Handling via Mobile Devices for Life Science Research

Using a novel software platform designed for advanced life-science research in wide-field and confocal microscopy, advanced fluorescence researchers can now perform 2D image analysis on multichannel experiments and completely control the environmental conditions of an experiment.   More...
23 Jun 2014
Image: Flexsafe represents a completely new generation of single-use bags that offer consistent cell growth as well as extraordinary robustness and flexibility (Photo courtesy of Sartorius Stedim Biotech).

New Line of Single-Use Bags Meets Stringent Requirements of the Biopharmaceutical Industry

A major global supplier of laboratory products for the biopharmaceutical industry has begun marketing a new range of single-use bags in a multitude of sizes and shapes.  More...
19 Jun 2014
Image: Prostate cancer cells were targeted by two separate silver nanoparticles (red and green), while the cell nucleus was labeled in blue using Hoescht dye (Photo courtesy of UCSB – University of California, Santa Barbara).

Silver Nanoparticles Targets Tumors

Scientists have devised a nanoparticle that has a couple of unique, and key, characteristics. Spherical in shape and made up of silver, it is encased in a shell coated with a peptide that enables it to target tumor cells.   More...
17 Jun 2014

Scientists Achieve Successful Target Genome Insertion Correction in Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Italian scientists have accomplished an efficient zinc finger nuclease-mediated, targeted gene insertion that resulted in correction of the genetic defect in stem cells from an individual with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency.   More...
17 Jun 2014
Image: Marmoset brain created using the CUBIC method (Photo courtesy of RIKEN).

Scientists Achieve Rapid Whole-Brain Imaging with Single Cell Resolution

An intensive effort has been made, particularly in the brain, to determine how neural activity is converted into consciousness and other complicated brain activities.  More...
15 Jun 2014

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