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New Multimode Microplate Reader Primed to Enhance Biotech Research

A new high-performance, high-speed microplate reader is now available for biotech and other life science laboratories.  More...
13 Jul 2015
Image: Tunable lattice plasmon lasers offer prospects to enhance and detect weak physical and chemical processes on the nanoscale in real time (Photo courtesy of Northwestern University).

Liquid Nanolaser Technology May Be Used for Lab-on-a-Chip Diagnostic Applications

Improvements in nanoscale laser technology enable biotechnology researchers to envisage the use of such a device as the focal point for "lab on a chip" diagnostic applications.  More...
07 Jul 2015

New Diagnostic Tool on Horizon for Surgeons Treating Cancer Patients

Researchers have successfully developed a new tool that may enable surgeons to determine if a biopsy tissue is cancerous while their patients are still on the operating table, without routinely requiring microscope-based pathology analysis of the tissue.   More...
05 Jul 2015
Image: The centrifuge product selection tool is available as an iPad \"app\" or on the Internet (Photo courtesy of Thermo Scientific).

Interactive Selection Tool Guides Researchers Seeking Best Centrifuge Option

An interactive, online tool is now available to assist biotech and other life science researchers in selecting the most appropriate combination of centrifuge and accessories for their laboratory.  More...
24 Jun 2015

Innovative Options Augment Multimode Reader Performance

New features are now available to augment the performance of an instrument that combines the advanced capabilities of a multimode reader, incubator, cell counter, and dispenser.  More...
08 Jun 2015

Portable Device Could Test for Physical Property of Tumor Aggressiveness

A new polarimetric fiber stress sensor device has been developed for visco-elastic and biomimetic material analysis, and, as part of the emerging field of physical oncology, is being tested for measuring a tumor’s Young’s modulus—an elasticity-related measure recently linked to cancerous tumor aggressiveness.  More...
24 May 2015

Innovative Chemistry Set Applies Coloring-Book Approach to Perform Life-Saving Tests

Scientists have developed a set of “reagent pencils” for solvent-free deposition of reagents onto paper-based microfluidic devices that offers a new option for simple, customized point-of-care diagnostics, and other chemical testing applications.  More...
18 May 2015

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