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Lab Technologies

Image: A new method makes it possible to establish very rapidly what substances—proteins and others—a product in powder form contains. For example, a quick analysis of a washing powder developed for the Danish market revealed a high level of zeolite material, which is used to bind limestone from the hard water that is so prevalent in Denmark, while a sample from Morocco contained none of this material. Analysis of another washing powder revealed that “active oxygen is simply the compound sodium percarbonate, i.e., bonded hydrogen peroxide (Photo courtesy of Iben Julie Schmidt).

X-Ray Powder Diffraction Technology Developed for Molecule Identification

A Danish researcher has developed a technique that uses X-rays for the rapid identification of substances present in an indeterminate powder.   More...
05 Aug 2014
Image: In this image, the drug CD27 completely covers the minor groove of the DNA complex (Photo courtesy of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).

New Drug Shown to Be Effective Against Malaria Using Synchrotron Light

 Spanish and Scottish investigators have shown that a new drug is an effective option in the battle against malaria.  More...
04 Aug 2014
Image: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) will develop an implantable neural device with the ability to record and stimulate neurons within the brain to help restore memory (Photo courtesy of DOE/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).

Research Lab to Develop World’s First Neural Device to Restore Memory

A USD 2.5 million grant has been awarded to a US research lab to develop an implantable neural device with the ability to record and stimulate neurons within the brain to help restore memory.  More...
04 Aug 2014

Chemical Test Detects Counterfeit Malaria Drugs

A rapid, inexpensive and simple colorimetric-based testing kit for the detection of counterfeit anti-malaria drugs has been developed in order to preserve life and prevent the development of multidrug resistant malaria.  More...
04 Aug 2014
Image: Schematic of the intermediate structure in the aggregation pathway of amylin (Photo courtesy of Zhang, Buchanan, Zanni, Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging).

Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Offers Clues into Amyloid Disease Mechanisms

New data revealed by using two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy shows an intermediate structure during the amylin aggregation pathway that may clarify toxicity, offering new strategies for interventions.   More...
04 Aug 2014

Precise Ion Irradiation Dosing Method Developed for Cancer Therapy

Scientists are employing nuclear physics principles to provide more effective approaches to radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients.   More...
31 Jul 2014

Identifying Brain Networks Using Metabolic Brain Imaging-Based Mapping Strategy

A new image-based strategy has been used to identify and gauge placebo effects in randomized clinical trials for brain disorders. The researchers employed a network mapping technique to identify specific brain circuits underlying the response to sham surgery in Parkinson’s disease.  More...
31 Jul 2014

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