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Lab Technologies


Second-Generation Imaging and Reader System Introduced

An innovative single-instrument platform for microplate reading and real-time cell imaging replaces multiple modules and software interfaces, yet is simple to set up and operate. Now the second-generation includes added functionality that further enhances the high performance of both the microscopy and microplate modes.  More...
07 Dec 2014

Mass Spectrometry Imaging Used to Process Biologic “Big Data”

The vast amounts of data that are generated by the latest scientific instruments are leading to significant scientific discoveries, but only when scientists can effectively process that data. Big data represents both an opportunity and a challenge for scientists. This is especially the case for analytic scientists studying biologic materials using a fairly new technique known as mass spectrometry imaging. Help has arrived from a recent project, however, called Computis, which has a range of new tools for effectively processing MSI data.   More...
01 Dec 2014

New Photodetector Boasts Superior Characteristics for Single Molecule Detection

A novel hybrid photodetector with superior characteristics for single molecule detection and other advanced microscopy applications is now available for biotechnology and other life science laboratories.  More...
30 Nov 2014

Human Genome Mapping Gaps Found by Latest Technology

Thousands of never-before-seen genetic variants in the human genome have been uncovered using a new genome sequencing technology and these discoveries close many human genome mapping gaps that have long resisted sequencing.  More...
26 Nov 2014

e-Incubator Technology Provides Real-Time Imaging of Bioengineered Tissues in a Controlled Unit

A new e-incubator, an innovative miniature incubator that is compatible with magnetic resonance imaging, enables scientists to grow tissue-engineered constructs under a controlled setting and to study their growth and development in real time without risk of contamination or damage.   More...
24 Nov 2014
Image: Mouse kidneys, liver, and pancreas imaged after treatment with a variety of protocols: a saline solution, Scale, SeeDB (see deep brain), CUBIC, and carotid body (CB) perfusion (which was used in this study) (Photo courtesy of RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center).

Nearly Transparent Mice Offers Potential of Whole-Organism Imaging

Japanese researchers have developed a method that combines tissue decolorization and light-sheet fluorescent microscopy to take extremely detailed images of the interior of individual organs and even entire organisms.   More...
23 Nov 2014

New Kits Enable Rapid Labeling of Proteins and Other Macromolecules

Biotech or other life science researchers who prepare their own bioconjugated proteins, antibodies, or macromolecules will benefit from a new series of rapid labeling kits.  More...
17 Nov 2014

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