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Environmentally Friendly Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Requires Less Energy While Generating Less Noise

A new line of ultra-low temperature freezers was designed for both increased cryopreservation capability and improved performance in the laboratory environment.  More...
22 Apr 2015

Alternating Antibiotics Eliminate Drug-Resistant Bacteria

A new technique has been pioneered to help combat the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause debilitating and often life-threatening human illness.   More...
20 Apr 2015
Image: Fast functional photoacoustic microscopy of the mouse brain. Figure (d) shows a representative x-y projected brain vasculature image through an intact skull. Figure (e) shows a representative enhanced x-z projected brain vasculature image. Figure (f) shows photoacoustic microscopy of oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in the mouse brain, acquired by using the single-wavelength pulse-width-based method with two lasers (Photo courtesy of Washington University).

Photoacoustic Microscopy Enables Rapid Imaging of the Brain's Oxygen Metabolism

Photoacoustic microscopy is a novel imaging technique that was exploited by researchers to view the vascular morphology, blood oxygenation, blood flow, and oxygen metabolism in both resting and stimulated states in the mouse brain.  More...
12 Apr 2015
Image: Close up of the MinION nanopore sequencer (Photo courtesy of Dr. Andrew Kilianski, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center).

Portable DNA Sequencer Functions Well in Evaluation Trials

Researchers have demonstrated the ability of a handheld nanopore sequencer to accurately identify and differentiate bacterial and viral samples.  More...
05 Apr 2015

Feasibility Study Supports Use of Immunomagnetic Approach to Study Circulating Cancer Cells

Cancer researchers have combined the strength of magnetic separation with the specificity of immunochemical biomarker recognition to demonstrate the feasibility of capturing and analyzing rare circulating cells from the blood stream of cancer patients.  More...
01 Apr 2015

Microarray Test Detects Pathogenic Shifts in the Taxonomic Distribution of Vaginal Bacteria

A team of Italian microbiologists has developed a microarray-based diagnostic tool that monitors the vaginal bacteria population and alerts the clinician to changes in taxonomic distribution that are characteristic of bacterial vaginosis.  More...
31 Mar 2015

Continuous Purification Technique Should Significantly Reduce Antibody Production Costs

An Austrian biotechnology firm has developed a method for the continuous purification of recombinant antibodies from cultures of clarified Chinese hamster ovary cells that promises to significantly reduce the production costs of these important therapeutic and research materials.  More...
29 Mar 2015

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