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Lab Technologies

Continuous Purification Technique Should Significantly Reduce Antibody Production Costs

An Austrian biotechnology firm has developed a method for the continuous purification of recombinant antibodies from cultures of clarified Chinese hamster ovary cells that promises to significantly reduce the production costs of these important therapeutic and research materials.  More...
29 Mar 2015

“Softer” Mass Spec Techniques Gain Advantage in Biomarker Discovery

Two mass spectrometry technologies, MALDI and DESI, are increasing in applications as their effectiveness is established, according to Kalorama Information in its report “Proteomics Markets for Research and IVD Applications - Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, Microarrays, Electrophoresis, Immunoassays, Other Technologies.”  More...
29 Mar 2015

The Captureseq Technique Is More Accurate for Low Expressing Genes and Long Non-Coding RNAs

The powerful new CaptureSeq technique for gene analysis was shown to be superior for detecting and quantifying genes with low expression while showing little technical variation and accurately measured differential expression of long non-coding RNAs.  More...
24 Mar 2015

New Electronic Pipette Simplifies Liquid Handling Tasks

A new generation of electronic pipettes was designed to make routine liquid handling tasks easier for biotechnology and other life science laboratory workers.  More...
23 Mar 2015

Human Heart-on-a-Chip Cultures May Replace Animal Models for Drug Development and Safety Screening

Human heart cells growing in an easily monitored silicon chip culture system may one day replace animal-based model systems for drug development and safety screening.  More...
22 Mar 2015
Image: The 3D Cell Explorer microscope body (Photo courtesy of Nanolive).

System for 3-D Live Cell Microscopy to Be Available Soon

An exciting breakthrough in live cell microscopy will soon be available to biotech and other life scientists in the form of a new microscope that is to be marketed by a Swiss startup company.  More...
18 Mar 2015

New Tool Facilitates Study of Mitochondrial DNA Variation

A new tool has been developed that enables researchers to study mitochondrial heteroplasmy and which will aid them in achieving better understanding of its impact on health and disease.  More...
17 Mar 2015

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