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Lab Technologies

Novel 3D Growth Chamber Designed for Investigating Effects of Electric Fields on Cancer

A team of bioengineers designed and manufactured a novel microfluidic device for use in studying the effects of an electric field on the growth and spread of cancer cells. More...
19 Jul 2016

DNA-Based Platform Detects Traces of Molecules from Broad Range of Sources

Researchers have harnessed synthetic DNA technology to develop a super-efficient nanomachine that detects trace amounts of substances that range from viruses and bacteria to cocaine and metals. More...
19 Jul 2016

Micromolded Gelatin Scaffolds for Extended In Vitro Culture of Muscle Tissue

A novel in vitro method for growing muscle tissue for an extended period of time depends on minute scaffolds constructed from gelatin. More...
13 Jul 2016

New Technique May Provide Low-Cost Pathogen Testing

Researchers are developing a rapid pyrogen-detection stick-test for detecting presence of pathogens and allergens. The test has potential applications in clinical diagnostics as well as in food, pharmaceutical, and hospital environment testing. More...
12 Jul 2016
Image: A 3D nanofiber net formed by the supergelators to trap oil molecules (Photo courtesy of IBN at A*STAR / Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology).

Effective Cleanup with Smart Material That Forms Oil-Trapping Net

Researchers have developed supergelators – an organic oil-scavenging material that rapidly forms a 3D net to trap oil molecules, gelatinizing into solidified masses that can be more easily removed from oceans, lakes, and other aqueous solutions. More...
07 Jul 2016

In Vitro Three-Dimensional Culture System Enhances Prostate Cancer Cell Growth

A team of cancer researchers developed a three-dimensional in vitro culture system for growing prostate cancer cells in an environment that closely mimics the in vivo tumor microenvironment. More...
07 Jul 2016

Three-Dimensional Printing of Living Tissues with Stem Cell Bioink

A recent paper described an advance in the use of three-dimensional printing that enables the use of the technique to print living tissues from a bioink that contains stem cells and nutrients. More...
05 Jul 2016

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