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Lab Technologies

Portable Device Could Test for Physical Property of Tumor Aggressiveness

A new polarimetric fiber stress sensor device has been developed for visco-elastic and biomimetic material analysis, and, as part of the emerging field of physical oncology, is being tested for measuring a tumor’s Young’s modulus—an elasticity-related measure recently linked to cancerous tumor aggressiveness.  More...
24 May 2015

Innovative Chemistry Set Applies Coloring-Book Approach to Perform Life-Saving Tests

Scientists have developed a set of “reagent pencils” for solvent-free deposition of reagents onto paper-based microfluidic devices that offers a new option for simple, customized point-of-care diagnostics, and other chemical testing applications.  More...
18 May 2015

Stainless Staining Provides New Histology Tool for Researchers and Clinical Pathologists

Researchers have developed a potentially revolutionary system based on infrared spectroscopic imaging that enables stain-free, non-perturbing, multiple analyses of a single biological tissue sample.   More...
17 May 2015

Genomic Research Laboratories Await New Compact Liquid Handling System

A small footprint benchtop liquid handler that automates multiple gene assembly tasks and associated procedures such as PCR setup is now available for use by biotech and genomic research laboratories.  More...
11 May 2015
Image: The photograph shows a silicon wafer microprobe array and a single cell isolated in a microwell (Photo courtesy of Toyohashi University of Technology).

Hollow Microprobe Array Enables Isolation and Manipulation of Single Cells

A team of Japanese biomechanical engineers has developed a novel technique for isolating and manipulating single cells. More...
05 May 2015
Image: The Aperio VERSA Scanner (Photo courtesy of Leica Biosystems).

Digital Scanner Optimized for Visible and Fluorescence Microscopy Applications

A new microscope scanner accessory designed to simplify digital pathology studies was introduced at a recent cancer research conference. More...
05 May 2015

New Kit Purifies RNA from Very Small Samples

A new kit for RNA purification prior to microarray analysis was designed specifically for small samples and for particularly difficult to isolate targets such as subpopulations of cells within larger samples like those found in heterogeneous solid tumors or hematologic malignancies.  More...
29 Apr 2015

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