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Lab Technologies

“Switch Off Button” Discovered in Autoimmune Disorders

Scientists have made an important advance in the fight against debilitating autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis by demonstrating how to stop cells destroy healthy body tissue. Instead of the body’s immune system destroying its own tissue by mistake, researchers have discovered how cells can be transformed from being aggressive to actually protecting against disease.  More...
22 Sep 2014

Collaboration of Mayo Clinic and IBM Cognitive Computer Devised to Improve Clinical Trial Research

The Mayo Clinic and IBM recently announced plans to pilot Watson, the IBM cognitive computer, to match patients more rapidly with suitable clinical trials.   More...
21 Sep 2014

New Inverted Microscope Designed to Readily Adapt to Changing Research Demands

A new inverted microscope for biotech and other life science laboratories was designed to readily accommodate modifications and upgrades to allow it to keep current with changing research demands and interests.  More...
16 Sep 2014

Brain Process Underlying Recognition of Hand Gestures Found to Develop Even When Blind

Researchers have discovered by using neuroimaging that activated brain regions of congenitally blind individuals and activated brain regions of sighted individuals use common brain regions when recognizing human hand gestures.   More...
16 Sep 2014

Clostridium Strains Emit Volatile Organic Compounds in Characteristic Patterns

A novel method for determining Clostridium difficile ribotypes was based on mass spectroscopy analysis of volatile organic compounds produced by cultures of the diarrhea-causing bacteria.  More...
16 Sep 2014

Important Immune Cell Regulators’ Response Identified

A new strategy could help accelerate laboratory research and the development of potential therapeutics, including vaccines. The technology may also be used to identify the genes that underlie tumor cell development.   More...
14 Sep 2014

Neuro-MRI Scanning Reveals Disparities Between Imagining and Remembering

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, investigators are learning more about where and how imagination processes occur in human brains. Investigators devised a study that would help them distinguish real imagination from related mental processes such as remembering.    More...
10 Sep 2014

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