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Lab Technologies

Magnetically Guided Bacteria Transport Drug-Loaded Liposomes to Hypoxic Tumors

A novel transport system for toxic chemotherapeutic drugs is based on a species of bacteria that can be magnetically guided to a tumor where it releases drug-loaded liposomes into the tumor's hypoxic center. More...
24 Aug 2016

Lab-on-a-Chip Technology Breaks New Bioparticle Separation Record

Scientists have developed a new lab-on-a-chip technology that can, for the first time, separate biological particles at the nanoscale down to 20 nanometers in diameter, a scale that gives access to important particles such as DNA, viruses, and exosomes. The breakthrough could enable detection of various diseases before symptoms appear and would facilitate use of relatively noninvasive liquid biopsies. More...
23 Aug 2016

Japanese Scientists Describe Powerful Fluorescent Probe for Studying RNA

A team of Japanese biochemists has described the development of a powerful new fluorescent probe for studying the structure and function of double stranded RNA (dsRNA). More...
16 Aug 2016

Laser-Heated Plasmonic Nanoparticles Safely Cause Localized Tumor Destruction

Cancer therapy based on plasmonic nanoparticles that homed to tumors, warmed on exposure to laser irradiation, and then selectively killed the cancer cells was optimized and shown to be effective in a mouse xenograft model. More...
16 Aug 2016

Organ-on-a-Chip Device Mimics Structure and Function of Human Placental Barrier

A novel lab-on-a-chip device mimics the structure and function of the human placental barrier and allows researchers to carry out in vitro studies on factors influencing fetal development. More...
09 Aug 2016
Image: The diagram shows the difference between regular and plasmonic gratings in terms of fluorescent intensity (Photo courtesy of Dr. Shubhra Gangopadhyay, University of Missouri).

Plasmonic Resonance Optical Microscope Has Capability of an Electron Microscope

A novel, relatively low cost microscopy technique enables an optical fluorescent microscope to display images with the resolution of an electron microscope. More...
02 Aug 2016

Smart Nanoparticles Deliver Selective Heating to Kill Tumors

Cancer researchers have demonstrated a novel type of "smart" nanoparticle that can destroy a tumor through selective heating while causing minimal damage to surrounding normal tissues. More...
28 Jul 2016

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