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Lab Technologies

Advanced Genetic Tools Revamp Search for Drugs to Treat Cryptosporidium

Genetically engineered modifications to genome of the diarrhea-causing parasite Cryptosporidium are expected to expedite research towards vaccine and drug development to prevent or cure infection by this pathogen.  More...
28 Jul 2015

New LED Microscope Completes Line of Clinical and Research Tools

A popular microscope used for both clinical and research applications is now available with LED illumination.   More...
26 Jul 2015
Image: The “glass” laboratory exhibit was designed to explain typical applications and processes in the cell biology/bioprocess laboratory setting (Photo courtesy of Eppendorf).

Glass Laboratory Provides Solutions to Everyday Lab Problems

A model "glass" laboratory shown at a recent congress on chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology was designed to explain typical applications and processes in the cell biology/bioprocess laboratory setting.  More...
21 Jul 2015

New Quality Control Reference for Monitoring NGS-Based Tumor Profiling Assays

A newly released kit was designed to enable genomics researchers and drug developers to evaluate the performance of next generation sequencing-based tumor profiling assays.  More...
20 Jul 2015

Hybrid Gene Mapping Approach Yields Reference Quality Results

A team of genomics researchers from the USA and Europe have developed a new approach for describing nearly complete genomes by combining high-throughput DNA sequencing with genome mapping techniques.  More...
15 Jul 2015

Highly Elastic Protein Gel Encourages Wound Healing

A new study describes a protein-based gel that mimics many of the properties of elastic tissue—such as skin and blood vessels—when exposed to light.  More...
15 Jul 2015

New Multimode Microplate Reader Primed to Enhance Biotech Research

A new high-performance, high-speed microplate reader is now available for biotech and other life science laboratories.  More...
13 Jul 2015

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