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Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Treatment Restores Glucose Control in Mouse Diabetes Model

A "vaccine" based on the metabolic regulator fibroblast growth factor 1 removed the insulin resistance that characterizes type II diabetes and restored the body's natural ability to manage its glucose metabolism.  More...
31 Jul 2014

Cancer Immunotherapy Sector Predicted to Surge to USD 9 Billion Across Major Pharma Through 2022

The immunotherapy market will experience substantial growth through 2022, increasing from USD 1.1 billion in 2012 to nearly USD 9 billion in 2022 in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan, according to recent market research.   More...
30 Jul 2014
Image: This type of electronic pacemaker could become obsolete if induction of biological pacemaker cells by gene therapy proves successful (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Gene Therapy Induces Functional Pacemaker Cells in Pig Heart Failure Model

Cardiovascular disease researchers working with a porcine heart failure model have demonstrated the practicality of using gene therapy to replace implanted electronic pacemakers to regulate heartbeat.  More...
30 Jul 2014

Blocking Cell Movement Explored to Stop the Spread of Cancer

Learning more about how cells travel through the body could lead to innovative new treatments to block cancer cells from metastasizing and causing secondary tumors, according to new research.  More...
14 Jul 2014

Deletion of the FOXO1 Gene Transforms Intestinal Cells into Insulin Producers

After having demonstrated that gut endocrine progenitor cells of mice could be differentiated into glucose-responsive, insulin-producing cells by elimination of the transcription factor FOXO1, diabetes researchers have extended these findings by obtaining similar results with human gut endocrine progenitor and serotonin-producing cells.  More...
13 Jul 2014

Ultrasound and Self-Healing Hydrogels Noninvasively Deliver Targeted Chemotherapy

Modern drug-delivery systems used to administer chemotherapy to cancer patients typically release a constant dose of the drug over time. But a new study challenges this gradual approach and offers a unique way to locally deliver the drugs “on demand.”   More...
08 Jul 2014

Vaccine Being Developed for Heart Disease Close to Reality

The world’s first vaccine for heart disease is becoming a possibility with researchers demonstrating significant arterial plaque reduction in concept testing in mice.  More...
08 Jul 2014

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