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Newly Discovered Protein Mechanism Protects Cells during Injury

Investigators have identified a new function for a protein that protects cells during injury and could ultimately transform into treatment for disorders ranging from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer’s. More...
19 Jun 2012

Common Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Associated With Decreased Risk of Skin Cancer

A new study has found an association linking the use of various nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with a decreased risk of two major types of skin cancer. More...
12 Jun 2012

Circadian Rhythms Strongly Influence Key Metabolic Pathways

By analyzing hundreds of metabolic products, researchers have discovered that circadian rhythms greatly control the production of such key building blocks as amino acids, carbohydrates, and lipids. The findings also led to the world’s first comprehensive liver metabolite map. More...
17 May 2012

Debate Resolved on Human Cell Shut-Down Mechanisms

Researchers have resolved the controversy over the mechanisms involved in the shutdown process during cell division in the body. More...
25 Apr 2012

Cancer-Causing Agent in Cigarette Smoke Blocks Key Protein in Cells

Researchers have uncovered new evidence of a cancer-causing agent present in the gaseous phase of cigarette smoke that inhibits Na,K-ATPase, the sodium-potassium pump essential for the healthy, physiological functioning of cells. More...
17 Apr 2012

“Live” Cyberplasm Microbot Designed for Disease Detection

A “living” prototype microbot is under development that could someday identify diseases in humans. More...
11 Apr 2012

Oral Vitamin D Shown to Reduce Levels of Prostate Cancer Proliferation Marker, Increase Cancer Growth Suppression MicroRNAs

In a new study, high oral doses of plain vitamin D raised levels of calcitriol in prostate tissue. More...
10 Apr 2012

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