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Scientists Find Way to Make Cancerous and Healthy Cells Thrive in the Lab

Scientists found a way to keep tumor cells as well as healthy cells taken from a cancer patient alive in the laboratory, a feat which previously had not been possible. More...
04 Jan 2012

Erythropoietin Found Involved in Origin and Metastasis of Cancer

A platelet-derived growth factor-BB and the blood protein erythropoietin are involved in the development of cancerous tumors. More...
19 Dec 2011

Adult Stem Cells Use Specific Pathways to Repair Damaged Muscle

When a muscle is injured, dormant adult stem cells called satellite cells are signaled to activate and help in repairing the muscle. More...
13 Dec 2011

Some Tumors Found to Contain Factors that May Suppress Metastasis

Scientists are closer to determining what drives tumor metastasis, as laboratory mice models suggest there are factors inside tumors that can inhibit their own growth. More...
29 Nov 2011

Strategy Found to Delay Age-Related Disorders

Scientists have demonstrated that eliminating cells that accrue with age could prevent or delay the onset of age-related disorders and disabilities. More...
22 Nov 2011

Programming Cells to Target Specific Tissues May Enable More Effective Cell-Based Therapies

Researchers have devised a platform approach to incorporate chemically homing receptors onto the surface of cells. More...
08 Nov 2011

Protein “Switches” Designed to Transform Cancer Cells into Chemotherapy Factories

Scientists have devised a protein “switch” that instructs cancer cells to manufacture their own anticancer chemotherapy. More...
11 Oct 2011

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