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Blood Group O Found to Be Most Susceptible to Cholera

The probability of becoming seriously ill from cholera depends on one’s blood group. Recent research showed that it is possible to find a new treatment for this troublesome illness by studying the molecular structure in the toxin in the cholera bacteria. More...
18 Sep 2012

Soil Bacteria and Human Pathogens Share Multiple Antibiotic Resistance Genes

Researchers have used a high-throughput functional metagenomic approach to show that bacteria in the soil have swapped antibiotic-resistance genes with bacteria that cause disease in humans. More...
12 Sep 2012
Image: The mitotic spindle (microtubules in red, DNA in blue) and the centrosomes (in yellow). (Photo courtesy of Dr. S. Sdelci, IRB Barcelona).

Decisive Role in Cell Division Identified for Centrosomal Protein

The answer to an elusive question about signaling in chromosome distribution and separation has been provided by the discovery of a key role for a centrosomal protein kinase. More...
30 Aug 2012
Image: Mouse stem cells with both normally functioning copies of the Mof gene (left) have intact "stem-ness", that is lost in cells lacking one or both functional copies (middle and right) (Photo courtesy of Prof. Yali Dou’s laboratory, University of Michigan).

Key Role Discovered for Enzyme in Preserving Essence of Stem Cells

A highly conserved yet unique acetyltransferase has now been shown to be essential in maintaining the self-renewal and pluripotent capacities of embryonic stem cells. More...
29 Aug 2012

Protein Implicated in Aberrant B-cell Survival in Transplant Disease

Ex vivo study finds that B-cells from patients with chronic graft vs. host disease are in a heightened metabolic state and are resistant to apoptosis compared to patients without cGVHD, and leads to identification of a key candidate target for development of more effective drug therapies. More...
27 Aug 2012

Novel Technique Improves Investigation of Interactions Between HIV and Malaria Parasite

A new video article describes a novel technique used to study the interactions between HIV-1 and Plasmodium falciparum in cultured human cells, allowing scientists to explore different parameters of coinfection by the two microbes. More...
27 Aug 2012

Insulin Resistance Also Mediated by White Blood Cells

Researchers have now found that neutrophils play a role in mediating the development of insulin resistance, the central characteristic of type 2 diabetes. The discovery also provides a potential new treatment target. More...
13 Aug 2012

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