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Why Does Inhaling Anesthetics Cause Unconsciousness?

A new study suggests that the answer to this age-old question may lie in the effect of anesthesia on the organization of lipids in the cell's outer membrane, potentially altering the ability to send signals along nerve cells. More...
04 Apr 2012

Circadian Variation Linked to Mechanism Underlying Sudden Cardiac Death

A molecular mechanism involved in regulating diurnal variation of potassium electrical currents in heart cells has now been directly linked to abnormal cardiac repolarization and susceptibility to arrhythmogenesis. More...
27 Mar 2012

Modified Osteoporosis Drugs Kill Malaria Parasite in Mice

Chemical modification of the bone-resorption bisphosphonate drugs zoledronate and risedronate enables effective targeting of the elusive intraerythrocytic form of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. More...
20 Mar 2012

Maintaining Brain Sugar Levels May Be Key to Alzheimer’s Prevention

Preventing or slowing the development of Alzheimer’s disease may be as easy as making sure a brain protein’s sugar levels are maintained. More...
13 Mar 2012

Natural Method for Clearing Cellular Debris Inspires Lupus Treatment

Researchers report that an enzyme known to help keep a woman’s immune system from attacking a fetus also helps block development of autoimmune diseases that target healthy tissues. More...
06 Mar 2012

Leukemia Breast Cancers Suppressed by Single Protein

Targeting a single protein can help combat both breast cancers and leukemia, according to two new reports. More...
02 Feb 2012

Rapidly Aging Mice Given Boost of Young Stem Cells Live Longer, Healthier

Laboratory mice bred to age rapidly appear to have grown younger after investigators injected them with stem cell-like progenitor cells derived from the muscle of young, healthy animals. More...
23 Jan 2012

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