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Chemical Nanoengineering Advance in Designing Light-Controlled Drugs

Spanish researchers have been able to design photo-switchable molecules to control protein-protein interactions in a remote and noninvasive way. More...
03 Jul 2013

Blood Clotting Linked to Immune Response

A link has been discovered between a protein that triggers the formation of blood clots and other proteins that are essential for the body's immune system. More...
25 Apr 2013

Molecular Switch Stops Aggressive Breast Cancer Metastasis

Scientists have found the molecular switch that allows aggressive triple-negative breast cancer cells to grow the amoeba-like protuberances they need to slither away from a primary tumor and spread throughout the body. More...
28 Jan 2013
Image: Prof. James D. Watson, PhD (Photo courtesy of Jan Arkesteijn).

Antioxidants Could Actually Promote Cancer Progression

Nobel laureate Prof. James Watson, PhD, has launched a scathing critique on antioxidant supplements, claiming they may have caused more cancers than they have prevented. More...
21 Jan 2013

Fructose Effects on Brain Influence Overeating

A new study suggests that consuming fructose appears to cause changes in regional cerebral blood flow that can lead to overeating. More...
14 Jan 2013

New Understanding of Receptor Regulation Suggests Target for New Drugs

A study leading to improved understanding of G-protein coupled receptor regulation suggests a new set of targets for designing drugs to more effectively regulate this medically important family of receptors. More...
09 Jan 2013

New Strategy Could Thwart Periodontal Disease Progress

A new study suggests that blocking a specific molecular receptor on white blood cells could prevent periodontitis from developing, as well as halting the progression of the disease once it has already developed. More...
02 Jan 2013

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