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Mitochondrial Cause of Aging Can Be Reversed

Researchers have found a cause of aging in lab animals that can be reversed, possibly providing an avenue for new treatments for age-related diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, muscle wasting, and inflammatory diseases.   More...
07 Jan 2014

Unique Kinase Found Important for Parasite Survival and Virulence

A unique protein kinase secreted by the human parasite Leishmania was found to be important for the parasite's growth and virulence, making it a potential new chemotherapeutic target against leishmaniasis.  More...
01 Jan 2014

Determining How Low Energy Electrons Damage DNA May Enhance Radiation Protection Strategies

A new study by a group of French and Canadian researchers has produced clues into a little-examined but common radiation threat to DNA: low-energy electrons, with energies of 0–15 eV.   More...
13 Nov 2013

Light-Based Communication Within Cells Enabled by Hydrogel Implant

American scientists have developed a way to deliver a light signal to specific tissues deep within the body.  More...
12 Nov 2013

Aging Tumor Cells May Be Used for Effective Cancer Therapy

Scientists have shown that diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients may be treated by reactivating the normal aging program in tumor cells so they can no longer divide.  More...
28 Oct 2013

New Process to Create Artificial Cell Membranes Developed

Scientists have developed a highly programmable and controlled platform for preparing and experimentally studying synthetic cell-like membrane-enclosed structures. More...
17 Oct 2013
Image: pH-dependent changes in intermolecular packing and symmetry of bilayer tails (Photo courtesy of Northwestern University).

pH-Dependence Described for Key Membrane Bilayer Properties

Scientists have discovered specific pH-dependent changes in structural symmetry and density of bilayer membranes, enabling a new venue for controlled alteration of properties important for advancement of cell biology and biotechnology. More...
16 Oct 2013

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