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Nanodelivery System Securely Targets Cancer cells

Scientists have devised a tunable virus that works similar to a safe deposit box. It takes two keys to open it and release its therapeutic payload.  More...
20 May 2014

Brain Buffer System Overcomes Molecular Disturbances in Circadian Clock

New evidence has been found for neuronal network communication that helps create a behavioral buffer in the brain to overcome certain disturbances in the molecular level circadian clock rhythms.  More...
30 Apr 2014

New Technique Developed for Species-Level Identification of Live Gram-Negative Bacteria

A new method has now been developed that specifically detects and identifies live Legionella pneumophila in aqueous samples much more quickly than conventional methods, enabling more effective monitoring to prevent epidemics.   More...
04 Feb 2014

Gold Nanoparticles Designed to Track Viruses

Finish scientists have developed a unique strategy for the study of Enterovirus structures and their biologic processes.   More...
30 Jan 2014

Rare Type of Soft-Tissue Cancer May Be Cured by Suppressing Tumor Growth Protein

A rare, lethal type of soft-tissue sarcoma may be entirely eradicated merely by suppressing a key protein involved in its growth.  More...
13 Jan 2014

Mitochondrial Cause of Aging Can Be Reversed

Researchers have found a cause of aging in lab animals that can be reversed, possibly providing an avenue for new treatments for age-related diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, muscle wasting, and inflammatory diseases.   More...
07 Jan 2014

Unique Kinase Found Important for Parasite Survival and Virulence

A unique protein kinase secreted by the human parasite Leishmania was found to be important for the parasite's growth and virulence, making it a potential new chemotherapeutic target against leishmaniasis.  More...
01 Jan 2014

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