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Drug Discovery

Stem Cells Loaded with Oncolytic Herpes Virus Destroy Brain Tumors in Mouse Model

Cancer researchers treated mouse models of the human brain tumor glioblastoma multiforme by injecting the animals with stem cells loaded with oncolytic herpes virus and treated virus-resistant tumors with oncolytic herpes viruses genetically engineered to express the proapoptotic cytokine TRAIL.  More...
26 May 2014

Monoclonal Antibody Blocks B-Cell Receptor and Eases Leukemia Burden in Mouse Model

Blocking the B-cell-activating factor receptor on leukemia cells has been suggested as a new approach for treating an acute, chemotherapy-resistant form of childhood leukemia.  More...
26 May 2014

Novel Approach Simplifies Complex Sugars on Protein-Based Biotech Medicines

A team of biotech medicine developers has established a cell-based production method that reduces the complexity of the sugars expressed on protein-based drugs.   More...
25 May 2014

Bone Marrow-on-a-Chip Designed to Evaluate New Drugs, Radiation Toxicity

New organ-on-a-chip technology is providing scientists with an important new tool to assess the effects of new drugs and toxic agents on whole bone marrow.   More...
25 May 2014

Potential Drug Target Identified in Mouse Pancreatic Cancer Model

Cancer researchers studying pancreatic cancer have identified Yes-associated protein as a potential drug target whose inhibition would block the activity of the KRAS oncogene.  More...
19 May 2014

Resveratrol Interacts with the Estrogen Receptor to Modulate Inflammation

A molecular mechanism has been identified that explains how the wine and grape product resveratrol modulates the inflammatory response by interacting with estrogen receptor-alpha.  More...
14 May 2014

Mass Spectrometry Technology Maps Chemicals as They Migrate Into Skin

A mass spectrometry technique gaining acceptance for medical applications such as imaging tumor surfaces can also be used to analyze the migration of small-molecule compounds applied to the skin.   More...
14 May 2014

The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.
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