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Drug Discovery

Synthetic Peptide Non-Covalently Transports Cancer Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier

Cancer researchers have used a novel synthetic peptide to transport chemotherapeutic compounds and other small molecules across the blood-brain barrier and into the brains of mice.  More...
18 Jun 2014

Blocking Fructose Transport Prevents Fatty Liver Disease in Mouse Model

A recent paper showed that blocking the action of the facilitative glucose and fructose transporter enzyme GLUT8 could prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in cultured mouse liver tissues.  More...
17 Jun 2014

A Surge in IPOs Revitalize Investments for the Global Pharma and Biotech

Anti-infective drugs, oncology, and pharmaceutical contract laboratories attract the most investment up to now.   More...
16 Jun 2014

Blocking Insulin-degrading Enzyme Reverses Diabetes Symptoms in Mouse Model

Determination of the structure of insulin-degrading enzyme by X-ray crystallography paved the way for its successful inhibition and the easing of symptoms in a mouse model of type II diabetes.  More...
15 Jun 2014

Drug-Target Database and Algorithm Help Match Old Drugs to New Uses

A new database is helping scientists match existing drugs to genetic targets in new diseases.   More...
10 Jun 2014

Verteporfin Blocks Growth of Deadly Eye Melanoma

Simultaneous mutations in two G-protein encoding genes that cause the overexpression of a carcinogenic protein have been linked to the development of uveal melanoma, a deadly cancer of the colored areas of the eye.  More...
08 Jun 2014

Smart Drug-Delivery Cage Designed to Fight Cancer

Chemists have developed a nano-scale cage of chemical bonds that entraps small molecule drugs and then infiltrates cancer cells, showing potential to act as a “smart” drug-delivery processes to fight cancer and other disorders.  More...
04 Jun 2014

The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.
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