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Drug Discovery

Image: Disc-shaped microparticles use monocytes to get to their destination (Photo courtesy of the University of California, Santa Barbara).

Novel Drug Delivery System Capitalizes on Monocytes' Ability to Penetrate Areas of Inflammation

A novel experimental drug delivery system is based on disc-shaped polymeric microparticles that are attached to monocytes, white blood cells that possess a unique ability to target and penetrate into sites of inflammation.  More...
18 Jan 2015
Image: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (stained red) in sputum from a human patient (Photo courtesy of the CDC - US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Combining Drugs Reduces Toxicity of Key Anti-Tuberculosis Therapy Option

Combining a potent drug used to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis with a calcium-channel blocker significantly reduces the required dosage of the anti-tuberculosis drug, which eliminates most of its toxic side effects.  More...
14 Jan 2015

New Software Uses X-ray Diffraction to Generate 3-D Images of Molecular Machines

Scientists are making it simpler for pharmaceutical companies and researchers to visualize the precise inner processes of molecular machines.  More...
05 Jan 2015
Image: 3BrPA (red) encased in a sugar-based microshell (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jean-Francois Geschwind, Johns Hopkins University).

New Packaging Revives Potential for Highly Toxic Cancer Drug

Cancer researchers have shown that sequestering the highly toxic drug 3-bromopyruvate in a sugar-based molecular microcapsule protects the drug from being inactivated in the bloodstream and eliminates the toxicity that prevents its general use as a chemotherapeutic agent.  More...
28 Dec 2014
Image: Engineered cationic antimicrobial peptide (eCAP) membrane (Photo courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine).

Synthetic Peptide Drug Overcomes Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics

A team of molecular microbiologists has demonstrated the potential value of engineered cationic antibiotic peptides for treating infections caused by bacteria that have developed resistance to traditional antibiotics.  More...
23 Dec 2014
Image: The new peptide offers a triple hormone effect in a single-cell molecule (Photo courtesy of Indiana University).

Tripeptide Drug Effectively Controls Metabolic Syndrome in Rodent Model

Promising results in reducing obesity and normalizing glucose metabolism obtained with a synthetic dipeptide drug have been enhanced by the addition of a molecule of a third hormone, glucagon.  More...
21 Dec 2014
Image: Disruption and removal of malaria parasites by the experimental drug (+)-SJ733 (Photo courtesy of the University of California, San Francisco).

Experimental Antimalaria Drug Induces the Immune System to Destroy Infected Red Blood Cells

An experimental drug for the treatment of malaria was found to induce morphological changes in infected erythrocytes that enabled the immune system to recognize and eliminate them.  More...
14 Dec 2014

The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.


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