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Drug Discovery

Cholesterol Analogs Block Growth of Tuberculosis Bacteria

Analogs of cholesterol that have been modified by the addition of non- degradable side chains have been shown to inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB).  More...
21 Apr 2016
Image: A cutaway illustration of the nanogel drug delivery system. The small particle can carry multiple drug agents to a specific target, such as the site of a tumor (Photo courtesy of Nicolle Rager Fuller, [US] National Science Foundation).

Novel Nanogel Drug Delivery System to Undergo Preliminary Clinical Trials

A novel nanogel drug delivery system designed to deliver multiple drugs with different chemical properties is to be tested in a first phase of clinical trials.  More...
21 Apr 2016

Smart Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System Avoids Tumor-Protecting Obstacles

As a clearer image of the tumor microenvironment emerges, nanoparticle drug transport systems have evolved to overcome obstacles that prevent effective delivery of the chemotherapeutic agent.  More...
13 Apr 2016

Indirect Inhibition of Overexpressed Androgen Receptor Activity Halts Growth of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Cancer researchers have shown that by suppressing the nuclear receptor protein ROR-gamma with small-molecule compounds they could reduce androgen receptor levels in castration-resistant prostate cancer and stop tumor growth.  More...
13 Apr 2016
Image: This schematic illustration shows the working principle of the gold nanocage-based, photo-activated anti-bacterial drug delivery system (Photo courtesy of the University of Arkansas).

Bifunctional Gold Nanoparticles Destroy Bacterial Pathogens with Antibiotic and Thermal Killing

A team of bioengineers has designed a novel class of targeted bifunctional nanoparticles that attacks pathogenic bacteria with both antibiotic and photo-activated thermal killing strokes.  More...
12 Apr 2016
Image: Using reporter nanoparticles loaded with either a chemotherapy or immunotherapy, researchers could distinguish between drug-sensitive and drug-resistant tumors in a pre-clinical model of prostate cancer (Photo courtesy of Dr. Ashish Kulkarni, Brigham and Women\'s Hospital).

Bifunctional Anticancer Nanoparticles Deliver a Drug and Then Report Whether It Works

A novel nanoparticle-based transport system not only delivers an anticancer agent to a tumor, it reports whether the treatment is working.  More...
11 Apr 2016

Combined Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor and Immunotherapy Shows Promise in Lung Cancer Mouse Models

A recent paper discussed how HDAC (histone deacetylase) inhibitors enhanced chemokine expression by T-cells and improved response to PD-1 immunotherapy in lung cancer.  More...
10 Apr 2016

The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.
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