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12 Nov 2016 - 16 Nov 2016
16 Nov 2016 - 19 Nov 2016

Drug Discovery

Mechanism Described for Cytotoxicity Regulation against Influenza A

A new discovery that revealed how neutralizing antibodies bind to specific antigens on the flu virus may aid in the development of a universal influenza vaccine. More...
20 Oct 2016

RNA-Based Therapy Reverses Cartilage Damage in Osteoarthritis

A novel treatment for osteoarthritis (OA) is based on a nanoparticle delivery system that transports a specific anti-inflammatory siRNA (short interfering RNA) to the chondrocytes in damaged cartilage. More...
19 Oct 2016

Proteins Identified Block Growth of KRAS-Mutant Cancers

A team of cancer researchers has defined a novel regulatory pathway in KRAS-driven cancers, which offers a potential therapeutic target for their eradication. More...
18 Oct 2016

Protein Found Blocks Transmission of Cytotoxic Fibrils in Parkinson's Disease Model

Neurodegenerative disease researchers have identified a protein that promotes the spread of toxic alpha-synuclein complexes in the brains of mice serving as a model system for human Parkinson's disease (PD). More...
12 Oct 2016

Mechanism Explains How Resveratrol Reduces Upper Respiratory Inflammation

The red wine component resveratrol reduces inflammation in the upper respiratory tract by enhancing the activity of the protein MyD88 short, a negative regulator of inflammatory signaling pathways. More...
12 Oct 2016
Image: Positive alpha-synuclein staining of a Lewy body from a patient with Parkinson\'s disease (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Bifunctional Dimer Drugs Prove Effective in Parkinson's Disease Yeast Model

A team of Canadian neurodegenerative disease researchers used a yeast model system to identify novel drug compounds that were able to block the misfolding of alpha- synuclein (AS) protein, which characterizes the neurons of patients with Parkinson's disease. More...
11 Oct 2016

Maintaining Normal Paneth Cell Levels Prevents Intestinal Bowel Disease

The enzyme PKC-lamda/iota (protein kinase C-lamda/iota) plays a critical role in the intestinal epithelium where it influences development of inflammatory diseases and cancer through its regulation of Paneth cell metabolism. More...
06 Oct 2016

The Drug Discovery channel in BioResearch informs about the biotechnology of drug discovery and design from traditional to translational pharma within the five-year horizon.
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