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Bio Patch Designed to Regrow Bone

Scientists have created a bio patch to regenerate missing or damaged bone by putting DNA into a nanosized particle that delivers bone-producing instructions right into cells.  More...
20 Nov 2013

Researchers Characterize PrimPol, a Novel Human DNA Polymerase

PrimPol, a novel enzyme cloned in human cells, has been shown to initiate DNA chains with deoxynucleotides unlike regular primases, which exclusively use ribonucleotides.  More...
19 Nov 2013
Image: Microscope image (400x) of a peripheral blood smear showing an eosinophil surrounded by erythrocytes (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Pair of Molecular Regulators Maintains Normal Eosinophil Levels

An international team of cell biologists have identified the mechanism that regulates production of eosinophils by the blood marrow, which may lead to development of drugs to control diseases caused by an excess of these cells.  More...
18 Nov 2013

Naïve Human Stem Cells to Promote Research in Regenerative Medicine and Human Development

Discovery of a method for maintaining human induced pluripotent stem cells in their earliest, most primitive, naïve state is expected to promote research into their use in regenerative medicine, patient-specific iPS cell disease modeling, and the study of early human development in vitro and in vivo.  More...
14 Nov 2013

Highly Stable Peptoid Nanosheets May Replace Antibodies in Biosensors

Ultra-thin peptoid "nanosheets" constructed from synthetic, peptide-like molecules are able to bind a wide variety of analytes with high specificity and high affinity, which makes them ideal candidates for use as molecular recognition elements for chemical and biological sensors.   More...
13 Nov 2013
Image: A histologic section of intestinal tissue isolated from healthy mice stained to visualize intestinal epithelial cells (EpCAM, red), including Paneth cells (lysozyme, magenta), as well as immune cells (CD45, green) Nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue) (Photo courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania).

Histone Deacetylase 3 Critical in Maintaining Healthy Intestinal Function

A team of molecular microbiologists have found that the enzyme HDAC3 in intestinal epithelial cells regulates the relationship between commensal bacteria and mammalian intestine physiology.  More...
11 Nov 2013

New Diabetes Drug Fights Obesity While Controlling Glucose Metabolism

A synthetic peptide that targets receptors for the naturally occurring incretin hormones GLP-1 and GIP is being developed into a drug for the management of diseases associated with impaired glucose tolerance.  More...
11 Nov 2013

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