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Image: Exosomes loaded with catalase (shown in red) efficiently interact with neurons (shown in black) to protect them from the effects of Parkinson\'s disease (Photo courtesy of Dr. Elena Batrakova, University of North Carolina).

Exome Delivery of the Anti-Oxidant Catalase Reduces Parkinson's Disease Symptoms in Mouse Model

The exosome delivery of the antioxidant enzyme catalase was shown to dramatically reduce symptoms of Parkinson's disease in a mouse model.  More...
20 May 2015
Image: An electron microscope image shows dark-stained O-GlcNAc transferase localized to one complex in the mitochondrial membrane (left) and scattered to the inside of the mitochondria (right) (Photo courtesy of Dr. Partha Banerjee, Johns Hopkins University).

High Blood Sugar in Diabetes Disrupts Mitochondrial Enzyme Activity

The damage caused to the body by the high levels of blood sugar that characterize diabetes seems to be due to disturbances caused in the activity of a critical mitochondrial enzyme.  More...
20 May 2015
Image: The porous silicon microparticles are about one micrometer in diameter. The hollow channels within each microparticle can be loaded with antigens—such as HER2—that can help train the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells overexpressing HER2 (Photo courtesy of Dr. Haifa Shen\'s laboratory, Houston Methodist Research Institute).

Silicon Microparticles Boost Effectives of Potential Breast Cancer Vaccines

Microparticles constructed from porous silicon were found to increase the effectiveness of potential anti-breast-cancer vaccines by stimulating a type I interferon response even when not carrying any specific antigen.  More...
19 May 2015
Image: Alphamers (purple) act as homing beacons, attracting pre-existing anti-alpha-Gal antibodies (green) to the bacterial surface (Photo courtesy of Altermune Technologies).

DNA-Antibody Hybrid Molecule Shown to Be Effective Antibacterial Agent

A hybrid molecule comprising an aptamer attached to a trisaccharide terminating with alpha-gal was shown in a proof-of-principle study to be an effective antibacterial agent.  More...
18 May 2015
Image: Micrograph showing T. cruzi (some marked by arrows) in the heart (Photo courtesy of Dr. Nisha J. Garg, University of Texas Medical Branch).

DNA and Protein Composite Vaccine Produces Long Lasting Immunity Against Chagas Disease in Mice

A candidate vaccine for Chagas disease was found to induce long-lasting immunity against the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite in mice.  More...
17 May 2015
Image: FBP17-actin complex-mediated determination of the direction of cell migration. FBP17-actin complexes (white dots) distributed across the cell membrane are recruited over time to the leading edge of migration due to increased tension (Photo courtesy of Biosignal Research Center, Kobe University).

Membrane-binding Protein Regulates Cell Motility by Sensing Membrane Tension

A team of Japanese cell biologists has found that the interaction between the degree of plasma membrane tension and a plasma membrane-bending protein regulates cell motility, and that this interaction is disrupted in metastasizing cancer cells.  More...
17 May 2015
Image: The genomes of two key bumblebee species create a buzz in the fields of pollination and immunology: Shown Bombus terrestris, of which the first genome sequences and studies were now reported (Image courtesy of Sadd BM, Barribeau SM, et al., Genome Biology, April 2015)

Bee Genomes Create a Buzz in the Fields of Pollination and Immunology

In a large international collaborative study, the genomes of two important pollinating bumblebees have been sequenced, analyzed, and compared with those of other bees, laying an important foundation for identification of biological factors essential for their survival, evolution, conservation, and key roles in our ecosystem and food supply.  More...
13 May 2015

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