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Image: A schematic diagram of a new method that rapidly analyzes the RNA (green strands) of HIV for mutations (red dot) that convey drug resistance. The system does not require transcription of RNA to DNA, as current technologies do, and works within one solution (purple droplet) (Photo courtesy of Dr. Lei Zhang, Brown University).

One-Tube RNA Ligation and Amplification Method for Rapid Detection of Drug Resistant HIV

By not requiring transcription of RNA to DNA, a novel one-tube method allows the rapid detection of drug resistant strains of HIV.  More...
28 Oct 2015

Neutrophil Activation Underlies Cancer Drug's Antibacterial Effect

The bactericidal properties of the cancer drug tamoxifen have been linked to its modulation of sphingolipid biosynthesis and the effect this has on neutrophil activation and the generation of antimicrobial neutrophil extracellular traps.  More...
28 Oct 2015

DNA Enrichment Increases Usefulness of Liquid Biopsy Technology

DNA enrichment technology was a critical tool used in a study that detected genetic variations in circulating tumor cells in blood samples from non-small-cell lung cancer patients.  More...
27 Oct 2015
Image: Space-filling model of the alpha-B-crystallin protein. The hexameric subunit is indicated in color (Photo courtesy of Dr. Andi Mainz, Technical University of Munich).

Solid State NMR Reveals Heat Shock Protein's Molecular Structure

A team of German proteomics researchers has established the molecular structure of the small heat shock protein alpha-B-crystallin, a finding that is expected to aid in the search for drugs to treat illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, which are characterized by toxic protein clumping.  More...
26 Oct 2015
Image: A new technique enabled growth of aged brain cells from patients’ skin cells. The micrograph shows induced neurons that were directly converted from skin fibroblasts obtained from elderly human donors (Photo courtesy of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies).

Directly Differentiated Neurons Maintain Precursor Cells' Genetic Aging Pattern

Advanced stem cell techniques allow direct inducement of neurons that maintain the genetic pattern of aging that was present in the precursor skin fibroblasts and which may be used to model age-related neurological diseases.  More...
21 Oct 2015
Image: Micrograph showing brain cells with signs of Parkinson\'s disease (Photo courtesy of the University of Copenhagen).

Interferon-Beta Gene Therapy Reverses Parkinson's Disease Symptoms in Mouse Model

The lack of cytokine interferon-beta signaling in a mouse model caused formation of Lewy bodies in the animals' brains and triggered neurodegeneration similar to that seen in the brains of human Parkinson's disease patients.   More...
19 Oct 2015
Image: Scanning electron micrograph of Salmonella enterica (shown in red) (Photo courtesy of the [US] National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

PCR-based Method Rapidly Detects Pathogens in the Environment

A newly developed PCR-based technique detects soil, air, and waterborne pathogens within 24 hours, which is three to four days faster than currently used culture-based methods.  More...
19 Oct 2015

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