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Image: Electron micrograph shows a cancer cell (upper darker area) that has formed three invadopodia that are penetrating the adjacent extracellular matrix (lower lighter area) (Photo courtesy of Yeshiva University).

Rac1 Levels Linked to Mechanics of Invadopodia Formation and Metastasis

Cancer researchers have linked increases and decreases in the level of Rac1 protein to the appearance and disappearance of invadopodia, amoeboid-like protrusions used by metastatic cancer cells to invade neighboring tissues.  More...
09 Jun 2014
Image: Normal ECG/EKG complex with labels (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Area of Noncoding DNA Regulates Activity of Heartbeat Control Protein

Variants in a stretch of DNA not used by the genome for coding proteins have been linked to changes in the way the heart beats and may be linked to the risk of sudden cardiac death.   More...
09 Jun 2014
Image: An untreated uveal melanoma tumor (left) covers entire eye of a mouse. A tumor treated with verteporfin (right) is much smaller and much of the structure of the mouse\'s eye is visible (Photo courtesy of UCSD - University of California, San Diego).

Verteporfin Blocks Growth of Deadly Eye Melanoma

Simultaneous mutations in two G-protein encoding genes that cause the overexpression of a carcinogenic protein have been linked to the development of uveal melanoma, a deadly cancer of the colored areas of the eye.  More...
08 Jun 2014
Image: Graphic explaining the consequences of the loss of function of RARRES3 for breast cancer lung metastasis (Photo courtesy of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine).

Loss of Tumor Suppressor Gene Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis into the Lungs

Cancer researchers have found that loss of a specific tumor suppressor gene promotes the metastasis of breast cancer cells into the lungs.  More...
08 Jun 2014

Enzyme Identified That Promotes Aggressive Forms of Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer researchers have identified an enzyme that seems to cause pancreatic tumors to act in a much more aggressive – and therefore lethal – fashion.   More...
03 Jun 2014

Novel Antisense Compound Reverses Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms in Mouse Models

An antisense oligonucleotide, which suppresses the mRNA required for synthesis of amyloid-beta protein precursor, decreased AbetaPP expression and amyloid-beta protein production, and reversed Alzheimer's disease symptoms in mouse models.  More...
02 Jun 2014

RNAi Therapy Reduces Huntington's Disease Symptoms in Mouse Model

A research team used advanced gene therapy techniques to block the production of huntingtin, the toxic protein found in the brains of patients suffering from the fatal, inherited neurodegenerative disorder, Huntington's disease.   More...
01 Jun 2014

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