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Novel Sequence Analysis Services Improve Pathogen Identification

A set of new-generation sequencing services provides unique tools for more effective identification of known and unknown microorganisms, including bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoan parasite pathogens.   More...
19 Nov 2014
Image: A micrograph showing cells with abnormal P53 expression (brown) in a brain tumor (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Test for P53 Mutations to Aid Biotech Researchers and Drug Developers

A biotech services company in the United Kingdom has launched an in-house service that utilizes a next generation sequencing test to identify mutations in the P53 tumor suppressor gene.  More...
19 Nov 2014
SLAS - Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening
Image: Clostridium difficile (shown here) is a bacterium in the intestines that has been successfully treated through microbiome manipulation (Photo courtesy of the CDC - [US] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

New Interdisciplinary Research Center Targets the Microbiome

An interdisciplinary research center has been established to promote studies on the microbiome, the many communities of microorganisms living within the human body, and its relation to human health and disease.  More...
19 Nov 2014
Image: The Sestrin 3 protein, labeled in red fluorescence and shown interacting with other proteins (highlighted in yellow) in the liver, may have implications in treating type II diabetes (Photo courtesy of the Indiana University School of Medicine).

Study Probes Role of Sestrin 3 in Glucose Metabolism and Diabetes Development

A recent paper discussed the role of sestrin proteins in resisting oxidative stress and regulating metabolic processes such as glucose production and insulin sensitivity, which are disrupted in type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  More...
18 Nov 2014
Image: Lightning-Link is an innovative technology that enables direct labeling of antibodies, proteins, peptides, or other biomolecules (Photo courtesy of Innova Biosciences).

New Kits Enable Rapid Labeling of Proteins and Other Macromolecules

Biotech or other life science researchers who prepare their own bioconjugated proteins, antibodies, or macromolecules will benefit from a new series of rapid labeling kits.  More...
17 Nov 2014
Image: Two mitochondria from mammalian tissue displaying their matrix and membranes as shown by electron microscopy (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Parkinson's Disease Linked to Malfunctions in Mitochondrial Fission and Fusion

Neurodegenerative diseases researchers in the United Kingdom have found that development of Parkinson's disease is linked to malfunctions in the processes that regulate mitochondrial fission and fusion.  More...
16 Nov 2014
Image: Cells with damage in their DNA (green) assemble abnormally stable microtubule structures (purple to white). This new link between microtubule control and the response to DNA damage, originally discovered in yeast, can be observed also in human cells (shown) (Photo courtesy of L. Wagstaff, E. Piddini).

Essential Processes of Life in the Genome Imaged

A new study has allowed researchers to glimpse into never-before-seen regions of the genome and better determine for the first time the role played by more than 250 genes key to cell growth and development.  More...
11 Nov 2014

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