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Image: Cryoelectron micrograph reconstruction of the Chikungunya virus (Photo courtesy of the Washington University School of Medicine).

Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Protect Mice from Alphavirus Infection

While screening a panel of mouse and human monoclonal antibodies that had been raised against Chikungunya virus, researchers identified several with inhibitory activity against multiple other arthritogenic alphaviruses.  More...
24 Nov 2015

Novel Molecular Signaling Pathway Inhibits Lung Cancer Growth and Metastasis

A gene that had not been linked previously to lung cancer was found to be a critical component of a novel molecular signaling pathway that restricts lung cancer progression and metastasis.  More...
23 Nov 2015

Inactivated Bacteria and Excreted Factors for Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Inactivated Clostridium sporogenes bacteria and medium harvested after growth of the bacteria were found to be potent inhibitors of colorectal cancer cells growing on two- and three-dimensional culture platforms.  More...
22 Nov 2015

Potential Drug Candidate Blocks Alternate DNA Repair Route in BRCA-Mutated Cancer Cells

Cancer researchers have identified a low molecular weight compound that inhibits the RAD52 DNA repair protein and kills cancer cells with a BRCA mutation by blocking the alternate DNA repair route.  More...
22 Nov 2015
Image: S. islandicus being grown in laboratory mass culture (Photo courtesy of the University of Southern Denmark).

Thermophilic Archaeal Lipids Stabilize Drug-Delivery Liposomes

The possibility of using lipids extracted from microorganisms adapted to living in conditions of extreme heat and acidity to form liposomes for oral drug-delivery, which would able to survive passage through the harsh conditions of the stomach, was discussed in a recent paper.  More...
18 Nov 2015
Image: An open-source 3D printer that lays down individual filaments of sugar glass one layer at a time was used to create microtubule networks (Photo courtesy of Jeff Fitlow, Rice University).

Microtubule Network Created by Three-dimensional Printing Transports Blood in an Animal Model

A novel three-dimensional printing technique was used to create networks of microtubules that could be surgically attached to supply oxygen and nutrients to replacement tissues and organs growing in vitro and to transplanted organs growing in vivo.   More...
18 Nov 2015

New DNA-Based Assay Rapidly Detects E. coli O157:H7 During Food Manufacture

A rapid DNA-based test for the detection of the serious food borne pathogen E. coliO157:H7 joins a line of innovative assays designed for use by the food industry.  More...
18 Nov 2015

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