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New Program Encourages Wide Distribution of Genomic Data

A new data sharing program allows genomics researchers and practitioners to analyze, visualize, and share raw sequence data for individual patients or across populations straight from a local browser.  More...
28 Oct 2014

Prostate Cancer Specific RNAs Identified in Urine and Tissue

Researchers have discovered a set of potential-biomarker RNAs that may pave the way to a more reliable prostate cancer screening assay.  More...
27 Oct 2014
Image: A space filling diagram of arachidonic acid, which has been linked to the way the body deals with cholesterol and is intimately related to the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Lipidomics Study Highlights Interaction of Aspirin with Omega-6 Fatty Acids to Lower Cholesterol Levels

A recent paper described how metabolism centered on the omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid arachidonic acid is linked to the way the body deals with cholesterol, which is intimately related to the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  More...
27 Oct 2014
Image: Fibroblasts (red) express endothelial markers (green), making the heart cells in mice appear yellow. The green blood vessels running horizontally are partly composed of red/yellow cells, suggesting that fibroblasts are incorporated into blood vessels (Photo courtesy of UNC – University of North Carolina).

Boosting the Heart’s Natural Capacity to Recuperate After Heart Attack with Key Protein

By increasing up the levels of a well-known protein in the heart, researchers have discovered a new way to generate more blood vessels following a heart attack.   More...
27 Oct 2014

Researchers Discover New Data on Protein Kinase A

By employing X-rays and neutron beams, a team of researchers have gleaned new information about protein kinase A, an omnipresent master control protein that helps regulate basic cellular functions such as energy consumption and interactions with neurotransmitters, hormones, and drugs.   More...
22 Oct 2014
Image: This micrograph depicts the presence of aerobic Gram-negative Neisseria meningitidis diplococcal bacteria; magnification 1150x (Photo courtesy of the CDC - US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Infection by Meningitis Bacteria Depends on Dimerization State of Certain Host Cell Proteins

A team of molecular microbiologists has untangled the complex three-way interaction between the non-integrin laminin receptor, galectin-3, and the pathogenic bacterium Neisseria meningitidis.  More...
15 Oct 2014
Image: Following inhibition of a key protein, these embryonic stem cells underwent differentiation and lost their pluripotency. (Nuclei are in green and nuclei expressing pluripotency factors are in blue and red) (Photo courtesy of Dr. Raffaella Di Micco, New York University Langone Medical Center).

Protein Identified That Maintains Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency

A protein that is critical in maintaining stem cells in their primitive pluripotentive state was identified and discussed in a recently published paper.  More...
05 Oct 2014

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