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Image: Cancer cells, left, were pretreated with a drug that blocks the ERK signal, and right, without the pretreatment. Top cells are untreated, while the bottom ones are stimulated (Photo courtesy of the Weizmann Institute of Science).

Prevention of ERK Nuclear Translocation Blocks Cancer Proliferation in Animal Models

A team of cell biologists has shown that the cancer promoting effects of ERK dysregulation can be blocked by low molecular weight drugs that prevent translocation of this kinase from the cells' cytoplasm into the nucleus.  More...
15 Apr 2015
Image: Structure of the CCNA2 (cyclin A2) protein (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Bile Acids Regulate Expression of a Tumor Suppressive MicroRNA

A recent paper explained how the tumor suppressive microRNA miR-22 is regulated in cells lining the gastrointestinal tract and how defective regulation leads to various types of cancer.  More...
14 Apr 2015
Image: The photomicrograph shows the three-dimensional structure of a laboratory grown human lung organoid. This self-organizing structure mimics the natural complexity of the human lung (Photo courtesy of the University of Michigan).

New Model for Lung Disease Research Based on Stem Cell-derived Lung Organoids

By manipulating cocktails of growth factors, researchers have stimulated human stem cells to morph into tissues that self-organize into three-dimensional structures populated by cells resembling those in the lung.  More...
08 Apr 2015

Small Interfering RNA Nanoparticles Accelerate Wound Healing in Mouse Model

The time required for wound healing in a mouse model was significantly shortened by treatment with nanoparticles that had been loaded with small interfering RNA that blocked the synthesis of the enzyme fidgetin-like 2.  More...
07 Apr 2015

Portable DNA Sequencer Functions Well in Evaluation Trials

Researchers have demonstrated the ability of a handheld nanopore sequencer to accurately identify and differentiate bacterial and viral samples.  More...
05 Apr 2015
Image: In the immunomagnetic approach, circulating cancer cells are attracted by specific biomarkers to bind to an array of micromagnets for further analyses (Photo courtesy of Dartmouth College).

Feasibility Study Supports Use of Immunomagnetic Approach to Study Circulating Cancer Cells

Cancer researchers have combined the strength of magnetic separation with the specificity of immunochemical biomarker recognition to demonstrate the feasibility of capturing and analyzing rare circulating cells from the blood stream of cancer patients.  More...
01 Apr 2015
Image: An adult cardiomyocyte has re-entered the cell cycle after expression of miR302-367 (Photo courtesy of the laboratory of Dr. Edward Morrisey, University of Pennsylvania).

Certain MicroRNAs Stimulate Regeneration of Adult Heart Tissue

Cardiac disease researchers working with a mouse model have discovered that by inducing a subset of microRNAs that are active during development but silenced in the adult they could cause damaged adult heart tissue to regenerate.  More...
31 Mar 2015

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